Mental coach and passionate keynote speaker Torsten Kleint: Get ahead!

15. January 2024 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Hope is not the certainty that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something has meaning, no matter how it turns out.”

This sentence by Vaclav Havel is a guiding principle on the website of Torsten Kleint, the well-known mental coach, keynote speaker for motivation and mental strength, mountain guide, extreme mountaineer, paragliding tandem and helicopter pilot, author and entrepreneur.

He also quotes the writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach with her words:

“If there is one belief that can move mountains, it is the belief in one’s own strength.”

Torsten Kleint has needed this strength more than almost anyone else. In 2001, the sporty police officer, who worked for the German SEK (special action police commando) in particular, experienced a real nightmare: while paragliding during his mountain guide test in Chamonix, France, he collided with the side of a building at a height of 17 meters, fell to the ground and was seriously injured. His injuries were so serious that he was in an induced coma for a while, needed many blood transfusions and spent several months in a hospital bed and a wheelchair. No one could guarantee him whether he would ever be able to walk again, continue his job as a police officer or complete his training as a mountain guide.

Torsten Klein kept his faith in his inner strength and did everything he could to meet this challenge with hard training and, above all, a mentality of never giving up. He trained intensively for several years, required further operations and finally managed to recover to such an extent that he was able to pursue his passions for mountaineering, martial arts and paragliding again, despite some remaining physical limitations.

Torsten Kleint – Full focus ahead!

Torsten Kleint is without doubt one of the most fascinating pioneers of genuine “will-to-win”, motivation and success strategies. He has long since made a name for himself as a stirring keynote speaker. His career is characterized by an unwavering dedication to personal growth and positive change that touches people and encourages them to pursue their goals with determination and mental strength.

Never give up – From wheelchair to extreme athlete

Torsten Kleint not only wants to captivate his audience with his life story and his keynote speech but above all to encourage them to find their personal visions, break through their own limits, accept challenges and consistently stand up for their goals.

He talks about his own experiences during his recovery after a serious accident. The ex-police officer also draws on his more than 28 years of work in the service, as well as 30 years of experience as an extreme mountaineer, extreme paraglider pilot and his work as an experienced mountain guide. There is no doubt that Torsten Kleint is one of the special personalities of our time. Yet he remains modest and grateful for the life that he does not take for granted.

When preparation meets opportunity

In his keynotes, Torsten Kleint asks: “In our lives, there are countless ways in which you can make positive changes to your life. But the question is: Are you ready when the opportunity comes?” He is convinced that every opportunity requires preparation, just like Reinhold Messner, who was the first person to climb an eight-thousander without an oxygen bottle.

Life can be over so quickly, says the ex-SEK-officer. He has experienced it first-hand time and time again during his missions. “And that’s why, now, no more postponing dreams and visions, but what can you decide today that you will tackle tomorrow?”

Torsten Kleint has not only proven once that it is possible to achieve a set goal under your own steam. At the same time, he also says that no one can or has to achieve a major goal alone. He gives the tip of getting support and consciously choosing your environment.

Because sometimes, he says, all it takes is a little spark of inspiration to get things going. When he didn’t know what to do next after his accident, he heard a lecture by Vitali Klitschkov. He said this one sentence that shook Torsten Kleint awake: “Each of you has your own special abilities. But the question is: Do you use these skills?”

That was the spark Torsten Kleint needed at the time. He realized again that his ability was to be a fighter. And he got started.

In his talks, he tells this story and poses the question to the audience: “What are your special abilities – and are you aware of them? Because if you don’t use them, you don’t know how to get into the ring of life and fight for your goals.”

Keynotes by Torsten Kleint change something inside. The feeling is a mixture of admiration and motivation; he uses his own story to motivate people to tackle their own goals, to be courageous and determined and to use their own special skills to achieve them.

He is currently giving two talks on these topics:

1. How to master all of life’s challenges and even serious crises with ease and achieve your goals.

2. What can I do TODAY to give my life a new and decisive direction?

Torsten Kleint is a thoroughly remarkable person and speaker. Don’t miss his presentation. We are happy to receive enquiries at: +1 (704) 804 1054 or

Torsten Kleint

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