Mental Coach Antje Heimsoeth reveals how mental strength really works

22. November 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Imagine you were a Formula 1 racing driver,” she says and yap, there we are, right on this racing track. At least in our minds, which is totally enough to be able to sense all the emotions and thoughts that come along with the job.

In Formula 1, seconds count and, in some cases, decide about life or death. What you need is a strong mind, says Motivation Expert Antje Heimsoeth. Since 2003, she runs her own Academy for Mental Strength, Success, Performance, Excellence, Leadership, Self-Management, Motivation, Change and Motivation.

The message is this: not only a racing driver needs to learn how to control his thoughts and feelings – in order to be succesful.

The Power of Images: Success begins in your head

She knows how to take us into other, imaginative worlds. Right now, we are on a golf court and picture Antje having messed up her last shot. She is being hard on herself inside and says bad things to herself: “You stupid cow, you’ve practiced so much … why is it so hard to put this little white ball into that hole? Maybe you should just stop it, you’ll never ever get  there!” Sounds familiar? Collective agreement.

Thought control – made easy

It is important to note how we deal with ourselves, she explains. There is no point of putting ourselves down. Would we talk like that to a good friend? Most probably not and if, we wouldn’t have many friends left.

Not only in pro-sports, but basically in all areas of life, we should stop the inner self-condemnation. If we continue, we will be lost – and most probably not be very succesful.

The inner voices love learning

In case anyone would have ever experienced the following scene, there would be no need to worry, she says with a smile. She talks about the inner dialogue or inner voices that are always active in ourselves. Most people have to deal with a negative voice on the one hand and a very positive one on the other. It is like a continous inner fight that will, unfortunately, never stop. But: we can learn how to manage them through awareness and a self-loving attitude.

The power of presence

This is what Mental Training would really all be about. We need to find ways and develop habits to be able to stay in this very moment. Difficult in the beginning, she admits, but doable with training and – breathing.

Breathing as a key to success

Breathing? Yes, as simple as that. Especially in stressy phases we stop to breathe into the belly, Antje explains and shows us how her belly moves up and down while she breathes deeply. Belly breathing and a focus on the exhalation would be an easy tool to come down even in difficult situations. The reason why to focus on the exhale is that it carries a lot of “dirt” out of our bodies. This “dirt” could otherwise block us and impair our performance.

Brain work – training, training, training

Just like a muscle, our brain simply needs to be used and challenged. In other words: the more positive affirmations we feed it, the more positive we think – and act.

Success can only grow on a solid fundament. Antje Heimsoeth shows how to develop it.

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