Natalie Amiri: Political journalist and former foreign correspondent in Iran gives a voice to Iran people.

21. April 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

In 2020, Natalie Amiri was named one of the top ten political journalists by the trade magazine “Medium”. She received the award for “best political journalist of the year” for her reporting on the conflict between the United States and Iran. With her book “Zwischen den Welten. Von Macht und Ohnmacht im Iran” (Translation: Between the worlds: about power and powerlessness in Iran) she shows how people in Iran live, what they think and what they want to say. In doing so, she gives them the opportunity to be heard and seen.

On her Twitter account, someone wrote: “Saw her on NDR (German TV station) the other day. I take my hat off to people like you. We need people like that in our world. Keep going and don’t let it get you down.”

The teaser for her current book on Amazon says, “It is the book of a modern young woman and a courageous journalist who takes the highest personal risks to give a voice to the people of Iran and report on everyday life in a country between forbidden parties and sanctions. From teachers to drug addicts, from the revolutionary leader Khamenei to Iran’s first female soccer star, Natalie Amiri lets them have their say and shows us the unexpected facets of the Muslim Republic of Iran.”

Natalie Amiri is certainly a small sensation of impressive stature in our day and age, when many people prefer to believe clichés rather than set out to discover the truth. Natalie Amiri knows this, and without ever wanting to condemn anyone for their particular approach to life or to convince them of their own – that is far from her mind – she has decided for herself to educate. She is a full-blooded journalist with a passion for objective reporting. She wants to show things, and above all the people around them, in their entirety. No path is too rocky for her.

Natalie Amiri combines expertise, absolute professionalism and courage with heart. Although she does not want to instruct but to report, encounters with her are very instructive. She shows the other side, the other perspectives. “Aha, that’s how it is…”, or “aha, so it could be like that, too…” are common reactions during conversations with or lectures by her.

Natalie Amiri connects hearts and people, cultures and countries. In this way, Amiri, who comes from a German-Iranian family and lived for six years as a foreign correspondent in Iran, gives people, and especially the people of Iran, a voice. This is her mission, which she successfully pursues as a journalist, author and sought-after speaker.

Natalie Amiri speaks in German, English and Farsi about her life in Iran, about “the powder keg Middle East and Iran”, about the relationship of the USA to Iran, about intercultural challenges and the Arab world in general.

Natalie Amiri

Journalist, Moderator ARD-Weltspiegel, Expert on Iran & Orient, Author