Bertrand Piccard – Design the change of Direction

05. June 2020 – Oliver Stoldt

Bertrand Piccard – Design the change of direction.

Life is full of up’s and down’s. And now, with the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, we have a global economic crisis. Companies are fighting for survival, globalisation is becoming localised as borders are closed and there are no more air connections. But how can we as people, as innovators, as politicians or as entrepreneurs overcome this crisis? And where do we want to go in the future? Intellectually, entrepreneurially or financially? Back to “status before Corona”? To the comfort of the “corner office”?

Bertrand Piccard – The life of a pioneer

Bertrand Piccard has overcome many crises during his great adventures with the round-the-world flight in the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon or with the flight of the solar plane SolarImpulse: Too little oxygen, cold spells, changes in the weather or the failure of the propeller shortly before the landing of SolarImpulse. These crises were a matter of life or death. He mastered the crises and set world records that are still valid today and are in the history books.

And now Corona. So what? Now it is entrepreneurial time and it is important to emerge from the crisis repositioned and strengthened. However, please do not talk about the “status before Corona”, but redesign the future of your company. Now is the time to change direction and rise to new heights. We have learned from ballooning: “If you want to make a change of direction or ascend to new heights; then throw off ballast”. Drop ballast, streamline your structures and simplify procedures and processes.

Reaching Goals – The Future is under Construction

Ask yourself the same questions again and again: What do you really need to take your company to a new altitude? How can we influence and shape the market so that we and our team can change direction and become successful? And what do I have to do as an entrepreneur to ensure that the team is ready to meet these challenges and help shape the paradigm shift?

Bertrand Piccard – Be a Pioneer in your Life

“Our world must find new ways to improve the quality of life of mankind. Let’s replace old environmentally harmful devices with modern clean technologies. Sustainable growth will only come from solutions that save energy and protect the environment. Today it is possible to combine ecology and economy”.

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Bertrand Piccard

Balloonist, Entrepreneur & Pioneer - Founder & CEO of SolarImpulse