Lego professor David C. Robertson: Because playing is so much more fun!

21. April 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

How does one become a “Lego Professor”? Well, it is not a degree but a nickname, of course. It is David C. Robertson, one of the best experts in change management and Top Speakers on his topic we are talking about. I don’t know the answer to this but it crossed my mind: Did he already play with Lego when he was young? Was he maybe so passionate about it that he needed to save the company by very effective change management decades later? I need to ask him that.

In his first book “Brick by Brick,” David C. Robertson tells us about his Lego adventure and his fundamental perception of the company’s corporate culture.

The image Lego has and had for the most of us is probably just like the products they sell: there was a feeling of lightness about it, something fluffy and joyful. As children, we more or less all played with Lego at one point. Maybe some of us even decided for their careers because of Lego and the world it brought to our bedrooms and living rooms.

David C. Robertson had received a quite big job to deliver when he was asked to give Lego a new direction. No doubt, he has mastered his task excellently – with clever change management. Thus, he has not only evolved to be a “Lego professor” ever since, but foremost he has made his name as one of the best experts in change management.

What it is it that he has and others don’t? Well, “Dave”, as David C. Robertson calls himself, worked as a consultant at McKinsey before and also hosted a radio show. Obviously, he always loved to change – and to play around.

Anyone who has seen “Dave” David C. Robertson live usually wants to hear and see and learn more from him. He has this rare ability to not only transmit deep knowledge to his audience but to also bring this knowledge to life.

In addition to his lectures, he shows in his “serious play” workshops how this knowledge can be used in a playful and very concrete way.

His very own way of speaking and putting together his lectures and workshops brings a lot of fun for the audience as well as for himself. Because his own joy is so noticeable, the spark just jumps over to everyone in the room as well. And be sure, since he stands for change management, there is hardly one lecture or workshop like the other.

If you choose “Dave” as your next Top Speaker, be sure to not only take deep knowledge and official instructions home – but also a lot of joy. This said: Have fun with “Lego Professor” David C. Robertson! Send your event request to

David C. Robertson

Professor at Wharton School Boston, Expert on Innovation & Change Management