Thomas Borer – youngest Swiss diplomat ever and a “Bättwil Boy” at heart

14. July 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Thomas Borer was born and grew up in a very small village in Switzerland which counted exactly 350 inhabitants at the time. The French border with the Alsace was right around the corner and maybe it was due to this narrowness that he fell in love with the American continent and the famous American way of life. Looking back, he describes his time in the US, precisely in Washington, as one of the best times in his life. He was then responsible for legal and political issues. In his homeland Switzerland, he sometimes felt misunderstood with his ideas and view of the world and not really accepted for what he achieved at times. For whatever reason, this was always different abroad.

Polarizing and subtle

Thomas Borer was someone who polarized with his attitude and opinion. Does he care? Not really. He understood quickly that there is no way to be everybody’s darling and in the end, that this is not his goal. He wants to talk facts – maybe this is the heritage of his legal education which, for the records, he finished with “summa cum laude”. Since many years now, he has returned to Switzerland and lives in a house in Thalwil, his home base, as he calls it. Here, he says, he could come down and feel at ease after returning from trips around the globe. As a Top-Speaker and consultant, he is booked by global players worldwide.

Once around the world and back

From his time as diplomat, he brings along tons of knowledge and experience not only in economics, politics and administration but also in science, media and society. As a legal expert, he represents the interests of selected enterprises vis-á-vis institutions of the European Union and their membernations and he has taken over mandates for the board of directors.

On stage, he talks passionately about current political, financial and economic developments as well as the globalization. Dr. Thomas Borer is bookable via Premium Speakers and we are happy to send you further information:

Thomas Borer

Business Consultant & Former Swiss Ambassador in Berlin, Germany