Climate Expert & Meteorologist Sven Plöger: Let’s make climate better – now!

19. June 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Without changing something in our heads, we will not solve this problem. And we have to solve it for our next generation.” The charismatic graduate meteorologist and TV presenter Sven Plöger creates a new climate awareness with his lectures.

Little rain, far too hot summers and mild winters have long since ceased to be exceptions, he says, and are increasingly becoming the new reality. Climate change is one of the most urgent problems of our time and requires both collective efforts and individual action. It has long since ceased to be a theoretical threat, and its effects are already being felt around the world.

Sven Plöger is one of the best-known and most respected meteorologists and climate experts in Germany. He has hosted “Das Wetter im Ersten” on the German public TV station ARD since 1999, and today he is active in several radio and television weather programs. With his work as a keynote speaker, he is pursuing his mission of translating climate change and its consequences for a broad middle class: “Translating this complex topic for everyone is a major concern of mine. And that we learn more respect for nature again, because this planet doesn’t need us, we need it!”

Sven Plöger – born with the “weather gene”

The weather expert reveals on his website: “For more than two decades now, I’ve been allowed to present the weather forecast on ARD and its third programs – for someone who noticed as a child that he has a “weather gene” in him, that’s just wonderful! For me, as a studied meteorologist, our climate is increasingly coming into focus, because climate change means more extreme weather with all its often tragic consequences.”

Sven Plöger is the author of several non-fiction books on weather and climate. Eckart von Hirschhausen wrote about his most recently published new edition and #1 SPIEGEL bestseller “Zieht euch warm an, es wird noch heisser!”: “Sven Plöger doesn’t make hot air, but keeps a cool head and his sense of humor in the face of mankind’s greatest challenge. The meteorologist I trust.”

Plöger emphasizes that climate change is caused by humans and that we all need to take urgent action together to curb its negative effects: “Climate change leads to extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, heavy rain and storms. Think of the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in Germany in 2021, the drought year 2022 with water shortages, massive forest fires and heat waves. These events are already having serious consequences for people and nature, from crop failures to rising sea levels to the destruction of ecosystems.”

Shake things up – it’s for our planet!

Sven Plöger’s lectures shake things up. The strategy of looking the other way doesn’t work with him. After a keynote with him, it quickly becomes very clear that there is no more time to wait: “We can still correct the course,” says the expert. “But only if we invest together in the many good developments that already exist or are emerging. Because we have to do better. Now!”

In his sometimes frightening and at the same time encouraging lectures, he talks openly about the global and local effects of climate change, encouraging people to become active themselves for a better climate. He shows ways to make this feasible in everyday life.

Because: So far, we can still prevent our weather from becoming more and more extreme. To do this, we absolutely need the support of companies, which have a social responsibility and must deal with the issue transparently – in order to deal with climate change together and to be able to achieve the energy turnaround.

Sven Plöger – an outstanding speaker personality 

The accomplished speaker Sven Plöger is certainly an excellent choice for companies looking for an inspiring, stirring and always positively oriented speaker personality. With decades of experience, an exceptional level of expertise, his communication skills and versatility, he will enrich any event. Book Sven Plöger as a keynote speaker and make your event an unforgettable experience!

Sven Plöger

Graduate meteorologist & TV presenter