Future fitness: The most important skills in these turbulent times

14. November 2020 – Oliver Stoldt

Future fitness: The most important skills in these turbulent times and why you should learn them.

We are living in remarkable times, in which everything we have known up to now is getting mixed up and a lot of uncertainty is whirling up. Many are worried about the economy, health, work, income and the future. How can we face uncertainty and this turbulence with resilience, creativity, trust, confidence and good decisions – and at the same time be efficient and even happy?

Developing inner strength is not something we learn in the MBA

“Some things you only learn in a storm,” as the saying goes. I would prefer that you learn it before or from now on. Because mastering turbulence, developing inner strength, mobilizing inventiveness, staying centered and getting into top form, and doing so with joy and energy, you probably haven’t learned that specifically. I’m thrilled that a Harvard professor said: “We are trained to the highest level in specialist skills, but how we get the best out of ourselves and become happy in all situations in life, we have to see to it that we find out for ourselves.

Nicole Brandes – future fitness, in a nutshell.

We make business plans, vacation plans, house plans, but to unfold our potential and to bring our own infinite facets out of a deep sleep, we don’t have a plan. In doing so, you can achieve even more remarkable things than before and unleash powers that will let you grow beyond yourself. Mostly we learn this about pain, and not in the MBA. Do you remember phases in your life that you found really difficult, but now feel valuable? Because your character was honed. You became more of your personality. Those very phases have brought out more of your greatness. You have an infinite reservoir of abilities, talents and gifts. However, most of these longed-for resources lie fallow. Science even agrees on this. External progress simply takes place. But the inner progress is a decision. Every living being on this planet is growing towards its destiny. Except man. Because he has the privilege to decide.

Soft factors are the hard currency of the future

I would like you to decide. For yourself. For your abilities. And they go far beyond your strength-weakness profile. In the next twenty years we will change faster and more radically than in the last 300 years. Neither you nor I can predict how the future will happen. But how you want to face it, you can decide. And prepare for it. And train. Self-competence is becoming the most important future competence. It doesn’t just happen. And it can’t be acquired overnight. It has to be developed and practiced hard.

No one is asking you to develop more of your enormous skills. No one is asking you to activate your resilience, imagination, creativity or composure. No one is asking you to protect, nurture and support your inner core. You must demand it of yourself. If you don’t do it, you would forgive enormous potential. You would forgive capital and power. And at the same time you would let positive emotions seep away. But if you promote your own, then these turbulences will also appear in a different light. You can discover them as a valuable opportunity to better define yourself, as a catalyst for more growth and self-expression, so to speak. This is where the magic of inner strength begins. And this “becoming more of yourself” is ultimately the essence of vitality in life.

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Nicole Brandes

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