Cay von Fournier – This man is a true polymath. Entrepreneur, doctor of medicine, trainer and book author Dr Dr Cay von Fournier is not only one of Germany’s top speakers, but also an expert in comprehensive corporate management.

As the founder and owner of SchmidtColleg, he advises prestigious companies all over the globe, incorporating a holistic approach to corporate governance. Key factors in his opinion are practised values and a healthy lifestyle. To this end, the company has developed a model for ’entrepreneurial energy’. This system provides a practical understanding of the theory of corporate governance and allows businesses to implement a range of company-specific and individual strategies.

Cay von Fournier cut his teeth as an entrepreneur while still at school by programming software systems for companies in the construction industry. He launched his first company at the age of 22, then studied medicine and received his doctor’s degree from Berlin’s Humboldt University. In 2002, he earned a PhD in economics from TU Dresden, the Dresden University of Technology.

His talks are aimed mostly at entrepreneurs and those in leadership positions. As a doctor of medicine, economist and entrepreneur, his presentations are multifaceted and tailored to the target audience.

Cay von Fournier Lecture topics

Creating the future – now or never!

  • How the future can succeed
  • Willingness to change as a success factor
  • How we become what we could be – a better world is possible
  • Open Mindeset: Success and luck are a way and not a goal
  • The opportunities in the new normality
  • Be a shaper of the future

Entrepreneur Energy – the 10 Commandments of Excellence

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Mastering the transformation
  • Successful start-ups and healthy growth need the competence of good corporate management
  • The hidden champions of the middle class
  • Customer enthusiasm through good energy in the team
  • The successful succession
  • Added value through appreciation – the human being at the centre

The path to personal success

  • The reinvention of success
  • The power of a personal mission statement.
  • 21 Rules of life in the 21st century
  • 20 hours of new time per week (living meaning)
  • Significance shapes a new form of self-organisation
  • Whoever wants to lead people must be able to lead himself
  • The seven horizons of our goals
  • How to achieve balance in everyday life

He wins his audiences with emotions, competence, versatility, practical orientation, sustainability, personality, authenticity and performance.

Cay von Fournier: Strengthening the employer brand for the long-term success of a company.

The topic of employer branding, and thus the strengthening of the employer brand, is rapidly gaining in importance in a dynamic working world with an increasing shortage of skilled workers and employees.

This term is not that old, it was first mentioned in 1996. It’s not just about positioning your company as a great place to work, but also about how you can attract and retain top talent for the long term.

Cay von Fournier: What is employer branding?

Employer branding is the process by which a company actively and strategically shapes its reputation as an employer among existing employees and potential candidates. It is the way in which your company is perceived as a place to work. It is not only about the image that is communicated to the outside world, but also about the authenticity of this image, which must be supported by the actual experiences of employees.

Employer branding vs. personnel marketing.

Employer branding and HR marketing are often confused, but there are significant differences between these two concepts. Personnel marketing is the operational implementation of the strategy described in employer branding. Personnel marketing, or better employee marketing, aims to attract candidates for open positions, often through targeted advertising and recruitment campaigns.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Cay von Fournier
Cay von Fournier is one of the most important speakers and trainers on corporate management, corporate succession, employer branding and employer branding. In his talks and workshops, Cay von Fournier offers a wealth of input based on his unique expertise as an entrepreneur, doctor and business economist. Shaping the future with new thinking and appreciative leadership. Book Cay von Fournier with The Premium Speakers Agency.