Nicole Heimann and Marina Cvetkovic: First Co-CEOs to win the CEO TODAY EUROPE AWARD 2021

23. August 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

When Nicole Heimann and Marina Cvetkovic heard about their two individual nominations for the coveted CEO Today Europe Award, they responded asking that “our individual nominations be consolidated and only one joint nomination as co-CEOs be considered,” they wrote, and added: “We see our success as a direct result of our co-CEO partnership and therefore our partnership deserves this award more than either of us individually.”

CEO TODAY EUROPE AWARDS – for the best leaders

The CEO Today Europe Awards are presented each year to strong and innovative leaders from Europe. The awards recognize those who are continuously changing the status quo in their respective industries such as CEOs of companies like: UBS, Roche, Audi, Glencore and many others. Nicole Heimann and Marina Cvetkovic are without a doubt among them. Their clients love them for their high-quality, customized and deeply transformative leadership journeys. Both Marina and Nicole as well as their company have already won multiple awards in recognition of their uparalleled expertise in the leadership coaching and advising space, as well as their unique and innovative approach. The latest one of those is Best Executive Advisory Firm Award 2021.

Success through sustainable leadership alliances

Marina Cvetkovic and Nicole Heimann believe that full business potential and sustainable transformation can only be unlocked through strong leadership alliances, especially at the highest management level. They walk their talk daily: the award-winning Zurich-based boutique consultancy for top executives, Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners, is run jointly by both of them as a power team.

Authenticity and leadership alliances as the key to success

“Authentic leadership is an approach in which a leader builds trust through honest and intentional relationships. This type of leadership is the foundation for a strong leadership alliance, that is, a conscious, committed and authentic relationship between the CEO, the management team and the board.” explains Nicole Heimann.”We firmly believe that strengthening the alignment on top of the house can unlock tremendous potential – better business results and growth for any organization as well as beyond – general welfare, ESG and overall world prosperity. We have seen this at play with many of our clients – especially at times restructuring and reorganization – alignment matters more than ever” Marina Cvetkovic adds.

The success of their approach speaks for itself: their Leadership Alliance Program and the Authentic Leadership Executive Coaching are being booked by renowned companies worldwide!

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Nicole Heimann

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Marina Cvetkovic

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