Oliver Stoldt meets star pianist Ingolf Wunder

29. February 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

A cozy breakfast meeting at Sprüngli in Zurich. Oliver Stoldt meets star pianist and conductor Ingolf Wunder.

And it was a great conversation about the future of the music industry: how artificial intelligence is changing it; the rhythm of success, harmony in the workplace and how to turn soloists into a team and many other topics.

The meeting was also fascinating in terms of the future of today’s children, as Ingolf Wunder has a 16-month-old son. Amadeo’s world and how music can be used to shape young people so that they are ready for the technological challenges of 2100. Because the children of today will experience the leap into the next century.

Ingolf Wunder is not only a pianist and conductor, but also an entrepreneur and offers an online masterclass for aspiring pianists. He has founded his own start-up in Zurich for this purpose. This will be followed by a foundation in the coming months, which also aims to support and train young musicians and pianists. Ingolf Wunder has his own career under control, but in his still young years he is already committed to helping the next generations in the classical music business.

From stage fright to the limelight: how to lose the fear of public performances by using the insights of musicians.

Ingolf Wunder and his participation and success at the International Chopin Piano Competition, the Nobel Prize for Piano Playing and after hundreds of performances as a soloist and conductor in front of large audiences. In one of his lectures, you will learn how classical musicians overcome their stage fright and give captivating performances. You can apply these techniques to improve your speaking and presentation skills in the business world.

The talk was actually scheduled for about an hour. It turned out to be almost two hours… It was very exciting and informative and I can only recommend Ingolf Wunder as a speaker for your conference stage. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with ideas and content.

Ingolf Wunder

Pianist, Conductor & Entrepreneur