Premium Speakers meets… Dr Auma Obama, a great personality with a powerful voice.

30. March 2015 – Oliver Stoldt

You are your future was a key statement in her lecture. Auma Obama explained to her audience how she moved to Germany in 1980 to study at Bayreuth and Heidelberg, where she also learned to speak perfect German.

“You are your future”: In her inspirational lecture, Auma Obama illustrated how she learned to assume responsibility for her own life and fight for her goals –without the safety net of a wealthy family to fall back on. Every minute of Auma Obama’s stirring speech was uplifting and emotional, captivating and authentic. Dr. Obama also spoke about the Sauti Kuu Foundation which she launched several years ago in Kenya. Social commitment is a topic that is extremely close to her heart. The foundation is based on the principle of self-help through encouragement and support, and aims to empower young people to grasp their future with both hands and become architects of their own destiny.

“Poverty is not an excuse”

Auma Obama – a sister of US President Barack Obama – inspires others with her clear statements, examples from the spheres of business, politics, social projects and personal anecdotes to deliver a content-rich and inspirational lecture her audience will remember for a very long time. Would you like to engage Dr Auma Obama to inspire your guests and make your event a Premium Event? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you:

Auma Obama

Expert for Leadership, Sustainability & Social Commitment