Expert in self-development, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving and error culture, as well as strengthening willpower and self-discipline

Michael Langheinrich is on stage as a speaker and coach for cognitive flexibility, mental strength and willpower, decision-making processes and error culture.

For more than a quarter of a century, he has supported and accompanied people to make them stronger and better in their professional lives, in their everyday lives and for their individual ideas and desires, so that they can realise their life journey unhindered.

Michael Langheinrich accompanies organisations, teams, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to achieve their personal best, helps to recognise and overcome problems, achieve results and overcome crises. In doing so, he shares his experiences from life as a stockbroker, as an entrepreneur and as an actor in marketing & sales.

Michael Langheinrich Lecture Topics

Cognitive flexibility and mental strength

  • Flexible thinking, for a flexible world.

Projects, constant communication, frequent rethinking. Today’s life is very multi-faceted. But what is our brain actually capable of?

Cognitive flexibility refers to our brain’s ability to switch between different thought patterns, tasks or concepts and adapt to new situations. It includes the ability to think flexibly, to adapt to new information and to find alternative solutions.

Problem solving and error culture

  • The only way out of the jungle is through the jungle.

Anything we keep quiet about will dominate us. Problem awareness is the key. As long as the problem remains invisible, any solution is nonsense.

Today, overcoming problems plays a more important role than any goal-setting strategy. Because a problem is the state before damage. If the problem remains, the damage occurs. A goal is the hope for a certain state. In fast-moving times, goals become wrong faster than they can be corrected.

Willpower and self-discipline

  • When giving up is not an alternative

The power of the will drives us forward. But what is behind it? What makes us more disciplined? How do we gain willpower? And why should we do it?

Willpower is the strength to regulate one’s own “I” in the sense that we decide for ourselves which desires, needs and impulses we want to give in to, but above all which intentions we want to pursue at every moment of our lives. People with great willpower seem to glide to their plans and desires like clockwork.

Coach and keynote speaker Michael Langheinrich knows how to create a focused tension in the audience with his choice of words, imagery and humour. As an observer of people, he fascinates with his knowledge, charisma and stage presence.