Sleep coach, Head physician in anaesthesia and intensive care, Author

Martin Schlott, MD, is chief physician for anesthesia and intensive care medicine, sleep coach and sought-after media expert on the topic of sleep and energy.

Martin Schlott comes from the far north. He landed in the south of the republic via detours. He loves the mountains as much as the sea, mountain biking as much as kite surfing, and feels connected to the elements. Besides wind and water, sleep, as the basis of all our life energy, is an elementary component of a healthy lifestyle. For years he has been showing entrepreneurs, top athletes and public figures how good sleep works, what makes them fitter and more successful. In his coaching sessions and lectures, he combines medical knowledge and proven mental techniques with many years of experience in hypnosis and change processes. He has summarized all this experience in his book “Erfolgsfaktor Schlaf” (Success factor sleep).

Martin Schlott Lecture Topic:

Success factor sleep – fit overnight

The world is becoming more and more complex. At the same time, fewer and fewer people are able to switch off and recover sufficiently.

Yet the ability to regenerate is the key factor to more energy, motivation and personal performance Fit employees are therefore also a matter for the boss. Just as we charge our smartphone batteries to 100% every day, it is equally important that our batteries always have full energy.

Sleep expert and chief physician Dr. Martin Schlott opens their eyes and shows that the best overnight recovery is achieved during sleep. He combines the latest scientific findings with the most effective relaxation techniques and his many years of experience working with competitive athletes and other high performers.

He knows how to take his audience on stage and inspire them with an unusual topic. In understandable positive language he shows easy to implement strategies for a dreamlike sleep! With AHA effects Dr. Martin Schlott leads his listeners with fun and a wink into their own experience and awakens the curiosity to implement these strategies immediately in their own lives in a sustainable way.

He shows what optimally supports sleep, names the sleep killers and how to eliminate them and, above all, how good and even better sleep can succeed, for full energy, zest for life, concentration and precision, so that your athletes, employees and customers become high performers.

Because only rested and fit employees make your company more competitive and successful.