Expert in Speaking Appearances and Stage Presence

Milena Thöni: the heart.

The Swiss expert for speaking appearances and stage presence who lives in Lucerne is also a chanson singer, who has been on stage for over 25 years and has had over 500 performances in Europe and America. Milena Thöni produced her first album in 2016 called “Chocolat Rouge” with her Milena Chanson Band. Her second album called “Oui” will be coming out in 2019. Her first book was published in 2018 with the title “Applaus! Presence straight to the heart”. The second followed a year later with the title “Think pink: Living visions”.

She is a keynote speaker for banking events, women events, forums, business events and conferences. In Switzerland she is a member of the Swiss Women Network team (SWONET) and is also member of the board from the Economic Forum For Women (WIF).

Keynote Speeches

  • Primetime – Presence from the first second
  • Applaus – Presence that speaks to the heart
  • Stagepower – more livelines on stage
  • Ladies first – spot on for you