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13. February 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

Do your working days always feel monotonous and empty? Has the passion that once fuelled you given way to a lack of perspective? You are not alone in this.

More and more people can no longer identify with their work and are longing for more meaning. Yet we spend 1/3 of our lives at work.

More success and quality of life with the SINN formula.

Imagine if you could break the endless routine and look forward to your work every morning. How? The solution lies in the SINN formula. It is the key to more success and quality of life! Leave dissatisfaction, lack of energy and overwork behind you. The SINN formula will help you find your way to a fulfilling everyday working life.

Sacha Johann and the unique method for discovering meaningfulness.

In his lecture and workshop “Work with meaning: the path to a fulfilling career”, Sacha Johann presents a pioneering method for discovering meaningfulness in your career. The SINN formula, developed by Sacha Johann himself, takes you on an inspiring journey of self-reflection and transformation to find deeper meaning and joy in your work.

At the end of the lecture or workshop, you will see clearly

  • Where your priorities lie.
  • Where you are today and whether it is time for change.
  • How you can preserve the good and overcome challenges.
  • What your next steps are to achieve your goals.
  • How to find more drive, joy and motivation in your job.

Sacha Johann will encourage and challenge you to identify your personal values, realign your professional goals and take practical steps to realise your vision. Through inspiring stories and proven strategies, Sacha Johann offers you clear guidance to achieve greater success and quality of life by giving your job a meaningful purpose.

Free yourself from meaninglessness and find your true passion.

People today want to recognise not only the WHAT but also the WHY in their profession. Some are looking for a sense of purpose in their current job or want to take stock. They want to find out whether their job and the system in which they work still correspond to what they understand by meaningfulness. It doesn’t matter whether they are employees, managers, executives or entrepreneurs.

The question of meaningfulness at work knows no hierarchical levels. For example, it may also be important for a manager to support employees when they are looking for meaning in their work. Or it may be time for an organisation or team to address and develop a collective sense of purpose.

In the lecture and workshop on “Meaningfulness at work”, Sacha Johann will provide you with instructions and practical tips on how to find individual and collective meaningfulness and how to put it to the test again and again.

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Sacha Johann

Expert for communication, meaningfulness, leadership & team development