What is an intercultural happiness ambassador?

01. August 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Has Maike van den Boom always been so outrageously happy? Proably, even though she does say that even happy people can be unhappy once in a while. She mostly defines happiness as a way of life, an attitude.

“Take responsibility for your freedom – and your happiness!” she states. A first step to doing just that is to let go of old excuses. All they are doing is preventing us from making the most of ourselves. “What do you really want?” she asks. “What are your talents? What stories do you want to tell about your life in old age?”

After a thriving career in management, Maike realized her dream of freedom; she is self-employed and happy, writing books and inspiring others on and off the stage.

Highway to happiness

While doing research for her book “Which way to happiness”, she traveled the 13 happiest countries on the planet, and discovered amazing things. Not surprisingly, Germany doesn’t belong to the happiest countries, we didn’t even make the top 10. According to the World Happiness Report, Germany makes it to 16th place, though. First place goes to Norway, followed by Denmark and Iceland.

Maike van den Boom says that the most importand happiness contributors worldwide are friends and family. Also way up there are selfdiscipline, free time, trust in others, optimism, serenity and living in the here and now.

Everyone is someone’s happiness – the paradox

Her motto is “Happiness is pretty unspectacular. It’s the sum of the values you live, everyday.”

In her speeches she talks about her experiences while traveling the happiest countries. She relates what we can learn from happier cultures, and asks, “Are you ready for happiness?”She wants to inspire understanding for the workings of a happy life and gives much food for thought. Because of her working life as a manager in marketing, communications and sales in different institutions, markets and countries, she also analysis companies. Or, how happy can a company be?

Happiness is a lifestyle

Maike van den Boom is a stunner on stage, a happy one at that. She loves and lives her subject matter, is infectious, sweeping and is convinced that everyone can be very happy, indeed. She refutes statements like “Happy people are never unhappy” and imparts a simple message: “You are the most important person in your life. If you feel good, the people around you feel good.”

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Maike van den Boom

Intercultural happiness ambassador and best selling author