Why ex-decathlete track and field expert Frank Busemann makes it simple – and you should too.

13. March 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Just do it” is one of the lecture topics of Frank Busemann, silver medalist in the Olympic decathlon in Atlanta and Sportsman of the Year 1996. The online platform Spox began an article about him like this: “Allow me, Frank Busemann. Gifted competitor in his own right, but unfortunately often a physical wreck.” Now that means what?

Frank Busemann: 100 percent athlete. 100 percent likeable.

Frank Busemann describes himself as a sportsman through and through: “I am an athlete with heart and soul. Instead of working as a banker, I dedicated the first part of my life to all-around competition. My parents were total sports enthusiasts, my father an athletics coach and my mom a former competitive swimmer. I guess I got the sports gene in the cradle.”

After hurdling, he turned to the decathlon, earning a silver medal in Atlanta and a bronze medal at the World Championships in Athens, and finishing seventh at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

After numerous successes, and also many injury-related lows, the current family father of three children decided to end his career as a professional athlete in 2003.

At that time, the Recklinghausen native was just 28 years old. Naturally, he asked himself about the next chapter.

What comes next? After the career is before the career.

The answer was not long in coming: he quickly began to get involved behind the scenes at the stadiums and continue to support the sport through the back door, so to speak. Busemann is active in various foundations and for the German Olympic Sports Confederation, as well as serving as a sports director.

Despite all his successes, Frank Busemann has remained the likeable boy next door. When he appears on ARD’s Morgenmagazin as co-host. When he appears on ARD’s morning show as a co-host and co-hosts major sporting events as an expert, he still wins the viewers’ sympathy.

Motivation, motivation and more motivation

His central topic as a keynote speaker is motivation and how to motivate oneself sustainably. He compares the Olympic decathlon with everyday management and explains how tactics from competitive sports can be profitably applied to professional activities.

Other possible topics of his lectures are pushing the limits and how it works to discover and use potentials, dealing with strengths and weaknesses, coping with setbacks and crises, and healthy sports.

In his keynotes, he also talks about “Personal Excellence” and “Personal Power” and wants to give his listeners a sense of how they can take the step “over the red line”, strengthen intrinsic motivation and their own potential and abilities, or find a relaxed approach to high, attractive goals and their own mental performance.

Engaging, authentic, wonderfully entertaining

People who have already experienced him live call his lectures, for example, “rousing, absolutely authentic and people-pleasing”. Frank Busemann knows how to “bridge the gap between personal experiences as a top athlete and everyday life in a very likeable way.” He does this in a very entertaining, pleasantly down-to-earth and motivating way.

“Just do it” is not just a phrase for the former decathlete, but his motto in life. Once an athlete, always an athlete, you could say about him.

His tip for life: “Just do it – too. Goal-oriented and with his feet on the ground.”

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Frank Busemann

Olympic participant, Athletics expert & TV moderator ARD, Author