Tania de Jong – the “5-Premium Speakers Questions”

29. März 2019 – azureart

Tania de Jong AM is a leading Australian soprano, speaker, social entrepreneur, creativity and innovation catalyst and founder of 5 businesses and 2 charities. Her grandmother was the founder of the original foldable umbrella, so innovation is in her blood! She founded Creativity Australia and Creative Universe and works with disadvantaged communities through the ‘With One Voice’ choir social inclusion programs. Tania presents keynote speeches and leadership programs and performs internationally with her group Pot-Pourri who have toured overseas on over 40 occasions and released 7 albums. She is also Founder and Executive Producer of Creative Innovation Global presenting the acclaimed Ci2010 – Ci2017 conference events. Ci2013 and Ci2015 Asia Pacific were named Corporate Event of the Year in the Global Eventex Awards and Ci2015 was named Australian Corporate Event of the Year. Tania has also recently founded Dimension5 innovation co-working space in partnership with global ICT company Dimension Data.

What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Tania de Jong:

I speak around the world on leadership, purpose, creativity, innovation, inclusion, entrepreneurship and managing and preparing people and communities for rapid change, skills of the future and Human Intelligence 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Tania de Jong:

I reach a broad audience of senior leaders and emerging talent across diverse conferences, leadership workshops and events from all sectors including banking and finance to professional services, public service, resources, science, technology, education, engineering, NGO and many more. My talks are for organisations, events and individuals seeking to raise collective consciousness, inspiration and engagement and develop greater creativity, resilience, meaning and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Why are you a Premium Speaker? Where do you get your insights from?

Tania de Jong:

As a soprano singer, entrepreneur and the founder of 3 charities and 5 successful businesses I have learnt the secrets of building teams and organisations. I learn from speaking at leading conferences and events all over the world with many of the world’s leaders, innovators and thinkers. As the Founder and Executive Producer of Creative Innovation Global ,have developed major insights and perspective on the future impact of technology on business and humanity. I am deeply passionate about diversity and inclusion and creating a more equal world.
My creativity, singing voice, open heart and unique, interactive style combined with visionary and future-shaping ideas and pragmatic solutions lead to massive inspiration, learning and change for a diverse range of audiences globally.
I will help you achieve the following outcomes for your events:
– Unleashing greater creativity, passion and energy quickly and sustainably
– Raising consciousness and unleashing a ‘can-do’ team and community
– Bringing together very diverse people and building collective energy
– Managing and preparing people for rapid change and disruption
– Helping to develop a culture of creativity and unlocking innovation capability
– Removing self-limiting beliefs and inspiring new possibilities for achievement/success
– Being an agent for change
– Developing resilience, agility and other key leadership tools and mindsets
– Unleashing potential and breaking down barriers
– Developing a more inclusive and diverse community and culture
– Creating a WOW factor!

What will be in the future? Does 'time' play an important role in your work?

Tania de Jong:

The world is moving faster than we can think, so we have to chance our thinking. We face the certainty of uncertainty. It is impossible to predict the future but we can prepare for various scenarios. The pace of change is increasing all the time and we are running out of time on numerous issues. We face a host of wicked problems, risks and systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and traditional authority structures. Problems like climate change, increasing mental and chronic illness, scarcity of resources, automation of jobs and Artificial Intelligence, unethical governance and growing inequality require unprecedented collaboration among different organisations, sectors, communities and nations. More than ever before, we need to raise our consciousness, foster collective leadership, lateral thinking and inspiring initiatives to manage the massive transition ahead. What Human Intelligence 2.0 skills are we going to need to manage increasing social and economic challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

What is your life motto? What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

"My mantra is: Together we can change the world, one voice at a time. Be curious, ask questions, adopt a can-do mindset, never give up, find your voice and spend as much time as possible in the right side of your brain."

Tania de Jong

Expertin für Innovation, Kreativität & Zusammenarbeit