Frédéric Mathier – Der Verhandlungsexperte

Frederic Mathier Premium Speakers Verhandlungsexperte Unternehmer Podcaster
März, 13.03.2024

Frédéric Mathier – Verhandeln ist (k)ein Kinderspiel.

Frédéric Mathier gilt als der beste Verhandlungs-Experte. Frédéric Mathier spricht über die wichtigsten Prinzipien, mit denen Verhandlungen erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden.

Frédéric Mathier: Wie Gewinner eine Verhandlung eröffnen.

Frédéric Mathier hat in über 10 Jahren als Einkaufsleiter und Strategischer Einkäufer das Verhandlungs-Handwerk bei über 2500 Business-Verhandlungen in der Praxis gelernt. Dabei hat er Verträge und Projekte über mehrere hundert Millionen CHF verhandelt. Heute setzen globale Unternehmen und führende KMU’s auf seine Expertise.

Seine Vision ist es, das Thema Verhandlungsführung so vielen Menschen wie möglich zugänglich zu machen.

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Weitere Shorts

Nikki Greenberg – The Futurist
April, 21.04.2024
Nikki Greenberg Zukunftsforscherin und Vordenkerin

Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, focussed on preparing organizations for a tech-enabled future. She helps leaders re-imagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today.

Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and most sought-after industry trends keynote speaker.

A true digital nomad, Nikki has had an impressive international career that has spanned the US, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Nikki Greenberg has worked with global organisations including Lendlease, QIC, Brown Harris Stevens, Koichi Takada Architects, and Greenland Australia.

Nikki Greenberg is one of the world’s leading futurologists. Nikki Greenberg talks about the opportunity with Generation Z, smart cities, sustainability and how the construction industry needs to make building better, smarter and greener in the future. Artificial intelligence in construction and architecture is an important topic. What can the latest technology do better than humans used to?

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Jeremy Rifkin – Planet Aqua
April, 20.04.2024
Jeremy Rifkin Premium Speakers

Jeremy Rifkin – Planet Aqua. We are waking up to the reality that we live on a Water Planet.

Jeremy Rifkin takes us on a new journey into the future where we will need to reassess every aspect of the way we live – how we engage nature, govern society, conceptualize economic life, educate our children, and even orient ourselves in time and space on our water planet. The next stage in the human saga is to rebrand our home Planet Aqua and learn how to live and hopefully thrive in new ways on what might be a unique water planet in the universe.

Underpinned by robust research, this major new work by one of the world’s leading public intellectuals aims to redefine the very core of our existence on Planet Aqua.

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