Lars Hamberg – AI in Banking

Februar, 06.02.2024

Lars Hamberg is an Expert in Finance & global Banking, New Technologies & Distribution. Lars Hamberg is a founder of several game-changer businesses and is CEO and Co-Founder of Gavagai, a Swedish company with world-leading research in Artificial Intelligence.

Hamberg: „How AI is changing financial services, e.g., banking and asset management.“

Lars Hamberg is a frequent speaker on New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services in various forums and has over 20 years’ experience having held senior positions in global banks, including head of research.

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Weitere Shorts

Kjell Nordström – Talent makes Capital dance
Juni, 22.06.2024

Kjell Nordström – The Global Business Guru.

MOMENTUM – From Crisis to Opportunity.

With Ghandi-like charisma and a unique ability to predict the future, Kjell A. Nordström is one of the world’s most loved and sought-after lecturers.

An expert on multinational organizations, Kjell Nordström has helped companies – and, indeed, entire societies – to navigate periods of growth and crisis since the 1990s. His mastery of his craft, sharp eye for detail and deep experience infuse his keynotes and leave few in his audiences unaffected.

Kjell Nordström live on stage at the „We Choose Earth“ Tour on June 20, 2024 in Munich.

Dr. Kjell Nordström is a prolific writer, in his sixth book, Momentum (2023), co-written with Per Schlingmann, he examines how the world has been affected by the pandemic, the climate crisis and the war in Ukraine. His stance: we are in the middle of a historic moment where citizens, co-workers and capital all expect something new — and the consequences will be all-encompassing.

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Oliver Kahn – Der Fusballtorwart & der Mensch
Juni, 21.06.2024

Oliver Kahn ist der Torwart-Titan, Weltmeister, Champions-League-Sieger und mehrfacher Deutscher Meister.

Oliver Kahn hat eine spannende Karriere hinter sich: Fussball-Torwart, TV-Experte beim ZDF, Vorstandsvorsitzender FC Bayern München und Unternehmer. Doch Oliver Kahn ist auch Mensch.

Im Talk heute beim SVIT-Forum sprach Moderator Urs Gredig mit Oliver Kahn über Zukunftsprojekte, die Fussball-EM sowie seine einzigartige Laufbahn.

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