Magnus Lindkvist – The Futurist

Januar, 30.01.2024

Magnus Lindkvist: „Nothing fantastic will happen, if you don’t take uncomfortable risks.“ What a great speech of Magnus Lindkvist today at the Alpensymposium in Interlaken. Standing Ovations for a great keynote. Do you want to compete or create?

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Weitere Shorts

Mika Hakkinen on Stage
Februar, 22.02.2024
Mika Hakkinen Premium Speakers

Two-times Formula One Champion, Mika Hakkinen, scored world titles in 1998 and 1999 for the all-conquering McLaren-Mercedes Benz team. With 20 Formula One race victories and 51 top-three podium finishes to his credit, he ranks among the most successful drivers of all time and is widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers of the modern era.

Mika Hakkinen: „It’s all about the focus you bring to the job. To become world champion requires total commitment.“

Mika Hakkinen won his first Grand Prix in Jerez, Spain, in 1997 and never looked back, collecting his first World Championship in style in 1998. He won eight of the 16 races. Although 1999 was a tougher year, he came back strongly, scoring a further five Grands Prix victories en route to retaining his crown at the final race of the season.

By then, he was well established as the only man capable of out-racing Michael Schumacher, and the German star publicly recognised this. Mika’s confidence in racing Schumacher wheel-to-wheel was most famously illustrated by a 300kph overtaking manoeuvre during the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000. Today it is regarded as one of the greatest overtaking manoeuvres in F1 history.

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Wolfgang Bosbach – Die politische Zukunft Deutschlands
Februar, 21.02.2024
Wolfgang Bosbach Premium Speakers

Wolfgang Bosbach ist einer der bekanntesten und in der Bevölkerung anerkanntesten Unionspolitiker. Charakteristisch sind vor allem seine starke eigene Meinung und sein Rückgrat, wobei er vor Gegenwind auch aus den eigenen Reihen nicht zurückschreckt.

Wolfgang Bosbach: Begegnungen. Erlebnisse. Erfahrungen. Wie Politik sein sollte und tatsächlich ist. Deutschland in einer unsicheren Zukunft.

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