Anders Sörman-Nilsson: Upgrade your thinking

17. November 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Imagine this: you are a small, insignificant brand. You have a really great product or a really great service to sell, but no one is interested. In one of these despairing moments, when nothing seems to work, even though you’re so good, you might ask yourself: why can’t I be like Nike?

It’s possible that Anders Sörman-Nilsson had dreams just like this, and woke up with questions just like those, that basically anyone in marketing pursues. But unlike everyone else, he also came up with some answers.

Sörman-Nilsson – a popular guest of Apple, SAP, Hilton & Co.

That’s why he has clients like Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, SAP, Gartner, or the Macquarie Bank. They need help with the most important marketing questions like: What defines a brand? What’s behind consumer information? How does the evolution of personality contribute to success?

Anders Sörman Nilsson helps to turn research into a broader perspective and business impact. He is an avidly read guest author for international media like Monocle, Business Insider, Sky News Business, Financial Review, CIO Magazine and Boss. His books Digilogue: How to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customers and Thinque Funky: Upgrade your Thinking are acclaimed in the industry.

The young man with Swedish and Australian roots is always on the move. He travels about 240 days of the year, always searching for answers to the questions that concern him at a given time. He visits start-ups and collects inspiration from ideas for the average consumer.

Restless and curious = new ideas and Hypotheses

Lisa Messenger, founder and editor in chief of Collective Hub, the international multimedia brand magazine, which covers everything from business to design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art; once said about Anders Sörman-Nilsson: “Anders is not one to get settled. Good for us! We all profit from his restless and curious nature, his new ideas, well plotted hypotheses, and his genius way of combining the past, present and future into the spirit of the times.”

The future, according to Sörman-Nilsson, doesn’t unfold smoothly – more like a slap in the face. And he poses the question: How can we let the scar tissue, that keeps us trapped in the status quo, disappear? He’s convinced that transformation can be either constructive or destructive, the approach makes all the difference.

The future belongs to heroes

He believes that the future belongs to those brands that manage to combine past, present and future into a heroic journey. How that works, that’s something he recounts in his presentations about innovation, change management, trends & future, life science, finance & business, globalization, motivation & strategies for success and leadership. He gives lectures in English and one of his secrets of success seems to be that none of his lectures are alike. He always adjusts to his client and their needs. Obvious, right?

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Anders Sörman-Nilsson

Futurist: Change Management, Digital Change, Future Trends and Innovation