Football Expert, Entrepreneur, Author

Lothar Matthäus is Germany’s most successful footballer and, along with Franz Beckenbauer, the most famous. In addition, he enjoys worldwide fame and recognition. Lothar Matthäus is an enrichment for every event, because he is communicative very open.

Lothar Matthäus is available for lectures & moderated talks on the following topics.

  • Teambuilding
  • Self- and external motivation
  • Parallels between sports and business

His charismatic and open manner makes him a likeable advertising medium for a broad target group. The great interest of the media in his person additionally provides an enormous PR added value.

Lothar Matthäus titles

World Champion (1990), European Champion (1980), Twice World Cup runner-up, Twice UEFA Cup winner, Seven times German Champion, Once Italian Champion.

During his time with Inter Milan, his individual sporting achievement in soccer culminated in being honored with the 1990 Ballon d’Or as “Europe’s Footballer of the Year” as well as being named the first FIFA World Player of the Year in 1991; in addition, he was declared Footballer of the Year in Germany in 1990.

Attractiveness, authenticity and the ability to positively polarize people are qualities that apply to Lothar Matthäus. Other attributes show Lothar Matthäus: power, passion, charisma, personality, ambition, will to win, fame, football competence, experience, leading wolf, style.