Anna Maier: Famous journalist, great story teller

10. July 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“I am Anna Maier. Well-known journalist and presenter, 40 years old. So much for the high gloss,” the presenter and talk show hostess likes to introduce herself. For 20 years she has been working as a journalist, presenter and editor, video journalist and producer, author and copywriter. „A bit cumbersome in thinking, feeling, and acting, but I believe, no less cordial. I love my motley family, which includes three kids and a Goldendoodle.”

Coming down on the island of Majorca

A year ago, she spent time with her children in Majorca. Before, a lot had happened at once in her life, she got sick, had a herniated disc and made the decision: I want to leave behind my “glossy life” – for a while.

She has just posted a picture of herself from the time on Majorca on her Facebook account. She looks beautiful, calm, at peace with herself. But she writes: “Even though I laugh hilariously in the picture, it was a frequently” choked time, in which I was intensely busy figuring out whether I would discover a new professional passion at 40 that would make me happy for next 20, or at least the next few years. ” Adding that those of her age are probably familiar with these thoughts.

New Media & Journalism – no contradiction for Anna Maier

Anna Maier is a passionate journalist and presenter, she loves her job and has decided for herself that she does not want to change her life. In that way. Only she may use her celebritiy status a bit differently today. Her stories about people and their life stories are intense, she shares some of them on her new Online platform She does that in a very empathetic and touching way. She gives people who are going through difficult times a voice in telling their stories that might be a topic for those going through the same experience.

Also, she has decided to go back to college and currently studies „New Media Journalism“. It is a further education for journalists who want to work as publishers in the net and want to accompany editorial offices into the digital future. Because she is convinced that we are all constantly in a process of change and that we need to move on with the world. In her opinion, the Internet is no enemy for journalism but another channel to reach people.

Anyone who experiences Anna Maier on stage as a presenter, talk show host, speaker or entertainer can not help but find her simply amazing. She has this disarming way of asking direct questions and yet always remaining respectful and charming. Enviable.

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