Bernhard Bauhofer – the “5-Premium-Speakers-Questions”

21. February 2017 – Melanie Hübner

In the course of the rapid rise of the internet and social media the sphere of activity of every single individual has acquired a global dimension. The dominating cult of the ego is fuelled by a hype about selfies, Instagram, Youtube & Co.

What are the core subjects of your keynote speaches?

Bernhard Bauhofer:

Corporate and Personal Reputation Management, Corporate Culture, (Employer) Branding, Stakeholder, Relationship and Expectation Management, Corporate Responsibility & Citizenship

Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Bernhard Bauhofer:

Management C-Level & Supervisory Board, Reputation and CSR-Managers, Marketing & Communications Officers, Banking/Finance, Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing & Service Industries

Why are you a Premium Speaker? Where do you get your insights from?

Bernhard Bauhofer:

Years of experience as a Keynote Speaker with speeches at international Corporate Events (up to 1000 participants) and conferences. Moderation of Expert-Roundtables & Panels, Moderation of strategy workshops

What will be in the future? Does "time" play an important role in your work?

Bernhard Bauhofer:

Soft factors such as “reputation”, “culture” or”values” will increasingly determine the competitiveness and attractiveness of companies and individuals. A holistic and systemic Reputation Management provides long-term competitive advantages and protects against crises and sustainable reputational damages.

What is your life motto? What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

Bernhard Bauhofer:

repYOUtation: Become the master of your reputation

"Corporate Reputation is the work of every single person (Bernhard Bauhofer)"

Bernhard Bauhofer

Expert on Branding- & Reputation-Management