Conchita Wurst – the one and only drag queen, number 1 in Sales Charts and exclusive with Premium Speakers

16. May 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Everything changed after she won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in 2014. In the meanwhile, she was invited by the Austrian chancellor, shaked hands with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, spoke at the EU-Parliament about marriage of homosexuals, had a show in famous “Crazy Horse” variety theatre in Paris, presented her song at the Life Ball in Vienna and moderated the ESC 2015.

First album is awarded with Platinum by Sony Music

In mid of May, Conchita Wurst released her first album “Conchita”, packed with powerful ballads, dancefloor, Swing and Pop beats. She shows the full range of her impressive talent and voice. Only one week later, the album was honored by Sony Music with a Platinum Award.

On a mission for tolerance and love

Tom Neuwirth, better known as Conchita Wurst, grew up in Styria in the Austrian province. As a homosexual, he had a tough time in his youth. Only 14 years old, he decided to leave his parent’s home to study fashion in the Austrian city of Graz. Again, he felt discriminated and at the fringes of society, as he writes in his biography. No reason for the young man to surrender. Au contraire, he was more convinced then ever to fight for acknowledgement to make his way. In 2007, he made it to second place in the Austrian casting show “Starmania” by TV station ORF. In 2011, for the first time, he stepped into the limelight as drag artist Conchita Wurst and finally won the ESC contest in 2014 in Copenhagen with her song “Rise as a Phoenix”. Conchita’s clear message: tolerance and love! She not only whips up enthusiasm in millions of fans but also impresses politicians of the EU-Parliament where she holds a much-noticed speech in October 2014.

Conchita Wurst becomes member of the Premium Speakers family

Maybe, Conchita Wurst decided for an exclusive contract with Premium Speakers due to the potpourri of nationalities. Maybe it is because of the personal relationships with our speakers and our credibility. In any case, the chemistry between Premium Speakers’ CEO Oliver Stoldt and Conchita Wurst and her management was right, when they met for the first time. We are thrilled about the great result and are so happy to welcome Conchita to our family!

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