Danny Meyer – Service has to feel good!

20. October 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

In case you call the US your home, you have probably heard or read or both about Danny Meyer. His company Union Square Hospitality Group based in New York has until today received impressing 26 “James Beard Awards”. For those of you don’t know: they are comparable to the Oscars – but in hospitality. His imperium comprises eleven restaurant chains and several consulting companies. Danny knows which way the wind blows when it gets to hospitality and foremost service. He seems to be born with this uncomprising focus on customers, guests, company culture and hospitality.

An ingredient to his recipe of success is for sure the irrefutable believe in honest service. He was once asked how he would finish the sentence “Hospitality can only be successful if…”. He replied as simple as this: “Think of your people first and stand behind your guests, show them that you are 100 percent on their side, no matter what.” Does this sound familiar? There is this really really great restaurant, perfect in design, light, food and service. And still, something is missing. You go there once but don’t feel like going again. Ever came across that phenomenon?

The secret according to Meyer is the signature style of a restaurant – including the most important ingredient: a happy crew! He believes that good service can be applied to many different concepts but the critical issue that finally makes it win or sink to average would be the details. Let it be a welcoming smile or the way a complaint is treated.

Another criteria for success would be integrity. Keep your word, he advises, as nothing can ruin your business as quick as promises that are not kept. Be it in service, timing, design or quality.

Next ingredient in the success recipe is sincerity. In hospitality, pretending would not work. You are either in it for 100 percent or you better leave. You need this portion of passion to be authentic. Prudence would be another key to success. The question “how would I like to be treated if I was the guest?” should be leading at all times.

It might not come as a surprise that Danny Meyer is not “d’accord” with the common opinion that shareholders ruled everything. In his world, he sees his team in the driver’s seat: guests, suppliers and everyone else who is part of operational side of the business. These people would ultimately tip the scales.Danny Meyer shares his secrets of 20 years experience in the hospitality industry in compelling and humorous speeches. His passion and energy for “his baby” hospitality is very much noticeable. He is a character and most obviously, he is still having a lot of fun with what he does.

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Danny Meyer

Restaurateur, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, Founder of Shake Shack, One of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2015.