Premium Speaker Marc Hauser as the first person in the jet stream

03. July 2018 – Melanie Hübner

Spectacular images reach us from Sydney / Australia from Premium Speaker Marc Hauser. Hard to believe that a person who once suffered from fear of heights, voluntarily goes into such spheres.

Skydiver Marc Hauser in the jet stream

On June 30, 2018 it was time. After initial difficulties with strict authorities, which allowed a rise to just 7600 meters, the crew starts in southeastern Australia. In Switzerland, it would have been possible to climb to around 10,000 meters, and thus an area with even stronger winds. After the initially good start, there were big problems with freezing oxygen at an altitude of 7600 meters. At the same time all 3 burners failed. In order not to jeopardize his two crew members balloonist Steve Griffin and cameraman Tom Naef Marc Hauser had to act quickly. At around 7400 meters altitude and at -40 degrees Celsius, he literally plunged out of the balloon basket and thus into his adventure. The wind speed at this time was around 140 km / h. In his 90-second free fall at 5600 meters, he reaches a top speed of 270 km / h.
At 2000 meters, Marc released his parachute and landed safely at a farm near the town of Forbes. Also his two Kammeraden in the balloon basket got safely and without problems back country under the feet. Because about 5 minutes after the breakdown, the burners began to work again.
His speed record of 2012 could not break the Berne skydiver, entrepreneur and speaker. But in any case he is the first person with a jump in the jet stream.

Higher goal

The aim of the mission is to draw attention to the largely untapped energy potential of high-altitude winds.
In Switzerland Marc Hauser visited several start-up companies active in this area, including Skypull and Twingtec.

Marc Hauser

Adventurer & World record holder - First man flying in the Jetstream