Detlef Soost – Are you ready for team transformation?

25. February 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

Detlef Soost: “Success is not a question of origin. It’s a question of motivation.”

He is one of Germany’s most successful entertainers and TV personalities. He is also an entrepreneur, mindset coach and highlight speaker at meetings, conferences and events. Detlef Soost. Inspiring, courageous and motivating. No more excuses and false modesty!

He delivers keynotes that inspire and enthuse your team. Discover Detlef Soost’s secrets from 30 years of entrepreneurship and practical experience. As a mindset coach and keynote speaker, Detlef Soost makes people jump over their shadows and inspires them in a charming way to achieve top performance and extraordinary results.

Detlef Soost: Direct – Real – Positive Mindset

Messages that break through blockages: Lacking energy, lacking a plan, lacking ideas – does your team sometimes feel the same way? When thoughts go round in circles and important projects stagnate, it soon hurts economically too. Break the downward trend. Just one sentence can change everything. Detlef Soost’s words ignite a courage in people that leads them from thinking to acting and from fear to curiosity.

Are you ready for team transformation?

Recipe for success with a WOW effect – Are you looking for more than nice theories that sound good but have little effect in everyday life? Detlef convinces with a proven system for results beyond the norm:

  • Inspiration

Detlef says what everyone thinks but nobody dares to say. Honesty resolves conflicts, fires creativity and creates environments for top performance.

  • Emotion

Leadership begins with touch. Only those who move people in their hearts can make a difference in the world. Learn from practical examples that will be remembered.

  • Motivation

Motivation is a whole-body issue! This is clear to everyone after a presentation with a team workshop. And the effect lasts, because Detlef teaches strategies that get people burning for the cause without burning out.

How much impact do you want? Lively impulses from the stage create a mental movie full of positive emotions and have a lasting effect after the company event.

If anyone knows how difficult it is to keep pushing yourself and others, it’s Detlef Soost. Detlef Soost grew up as a child of the GDR. Anything but good basic conditions. But he made it. You could say he rolled up the field from behind. From the very back.

Detlef Soost became Germany’s best-known choreographer, one of Germany’s best-known TV stars and ultimately a successful entrepreneur. His story is anything but pure coincidence. And you don’t have to be a fan of Popstars, The Biggest Loser, Let’s Dance, Dance Star or the Great Celebrity Bake-Off etc. to recognise this achievement. What he has done with his will, self-discipline and the right mindset should be honoured.

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Detlef Soost

Choreographer, Entertainer & Moderator, Motivator, Coach & Personal Trainer