Top expert for strategic brand development, entrepreneur, visionary, expert for positioning, bestselling author

Words on Fire. Keynotes with burning economic topics. Words that move – touch your head and heart. The truth is reasonable for human beings. According to this credo, Nadine Dlouhy attacks fiery topics that concern economy and people.

Topics: Strategy + Communication + Leadership + Innovation + Digitization + Motivation

NADINE DLOUHY – Strategist, entrepreneur, visionary, bestselling author.

Nadine Dlouhy is a top expert for strategic brand development and positioning. She has been managing BrandLite GmbH for 20 years and accompanies 46 companies in 35 countries. She is co-author of “Erfolg geht anders” and lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Science for Digital Innovation, Strategic Management and Media Management with a focus on Automotive and Mobility. She is a sought-after expert in public media such as n-tv, marconomy and wirtschaft-tv. TOP 10 COACH D/A/CH. Top expert 2018/19/20 for strategic brand development and positioning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Her own book “THINK INNOVATION – the management guide: How to create new markets thanks to modern leadership, successful business communication & effective time management” made it to the Amazon bestseller list.

What Nadine Dlouhy talks about in her lectures:

I. IMAGE. POWER. SUCCESS. The new power of the brand.

As LOVE BRAND to market power.

“In the future we will not lose orders and budgets to cheaper or better products, but to companies that have clearly positioned themselves and sell more intelligently and emotionally with digital communication.”

FACT IS… In an increasingly competitive market with price and product equality and corporate cannibalism, the image of a brand, a company, but also of people is increasingly becoming the decisive economic force. In plain language, this means that consumers buy not so much the product as the feeling that a) arises when they buy it or b) is acquired through the product. Use your corporate image specifically as a “buying driver”. Because: IMAGE. POWER. SUCCESS. We buy brands. Not products. Successful positioning means placing your own brand DNA intelligently and sharpened in the market and in people’s hearts. In short: EMOTIONS CREATE FACTS IN SALES AND VALUE QUESTIONS OF YOUR COMPANY.

The advantages of strategic positioning and a strong brand are measurable:

  1. Increase of market perception internally and externally.
  2. Communication is the sales lever of the future and leads to significant increases in turnover and value of up to 50%.
  3. Positive influence on employee satisfaction.
  4. Increase in company performance.
  5. Strengthening of loyalty and retention of important employees to the company.
  6. Creation of a strong cohesion and a solid structure in times of crisis.

II. human competence: Think smart. Think human. Think innovation.

Go from being a company resident to a company designer.

“A goal without a plan is aimless and hope is not a strategy. Modern business management means visibility and experience. How to create new markets thanks to modern leadership, successful business communication & effective time management”.

The human being is and remains success and innovation factor NR 1 and has to reflect more urgently than ever on his strength DNA. It needs more leadership personalities, who move great things every day with courage, know-how and humanity outside of your comfort zone. Success is the equation of all the attributes that man brings with him from his strength DNA. In times of digitalisation, individualisation is becoming more and more important. The magic word: HumanBranding, provides visibility and an individual placement based on your personality. In the future, successful managers will go from being company residents to company designers and integrate customers, employees, partners and the public into their communication strategy. Keyword: Innovation as DNA.

No communication concept is omitted corporate management.

The advantages of strategic positioning and a strong brand are measurable:

  1. Our capital is our personality, and this must be strengthened, shaped and continually developed.
  2. Authenticity is the new honesty.
  3. In today’s world, not fully exploiting the brand experience internally and externally to ensure innovation in your company is failure to manage.
  4. Communication is not a one-way street
  5. It is important to manage these efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner. Demand a result.

III. Innovation factor and competitive advantage: “time”.

The problem: We think we have time.

The most valuable thing we have is time – whether as a person or in the company. We all have 24 hours a day at our disposal. The question is how we use this time profitably to achieve our goals. With all the higher, faster and further we forget that we ourselves are our greatest possession. Our experiences consist of lived time. Therefore it is important that we turn living into experiencing – every day, every hour, every second… But how do we give our time more value?

We create and design houses, cars, furniture, salt shakers, whole landscapes and even virtual realities. Design awards celebrate the most beautiful design product. The only thing we do not consciously design is OUR LIFE, our time. Have you ever asked yourself why this is so? Our time is so incredibly valuable and yet most people only react instead of designing their time proactively. What is your added value? What is really important? You. The human being. It’s about using people in a goal-oriented way and also investing your time with added value in the right way.

Time is limited. But what we do with our time and how we use it is unlimited in its possibilities. The advantages of effective time management are measurable:

  1. Human resource – presence is not working time.
    Our time is not negotiable. How efficiently we use it determines the multiplication of possibilities and thus our innovative strength.
    What all is a disruptive factor? A lot of what we do during the day and think we have to do is a disruptive factor. So we constantly let ourselves be kept away from our goal.
  3. Communication is not a one-way street.
    Good communication means saving time! Especially in times of digitalization, agility is becoming more and more important. It is important to manage this efficiently and goal-oriented. Demand a result.
  4. Increase efficiency through clear goals and direct ways of implementation!
    Translate your ideas into lived communication and use your communication as sales lever no. 1.
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She develops companies, others advise companies. Like no other, Nadine Dlouhy manages to keep the overall strategic direction of the company in focus and to bring it to a strong implementation. Visible and measurable.

Nadine Dlouhy is the sought-after top expert among start-ups and companies when it comes to the question: How do I lead my company into the future and achieve sustainable increases in value and turnover?