Digital strategist and innovation specialist Maks Giordano: Innovation is the key to future viability.

26. September 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Maks Giordano is without a doubt one of THE household names in the digital innovation and strategy world. He is currently one of the best known experts on digital transformation, innovation and strategy development, especially in the context of technology and digital media.

But what does it actually mean to be a digital innovator and strategist?

In his role, Maks Giordano advises companies on how to prepare for the future. He helps to turn old structures upside down and to learn to understand and use the dynamics of the digital age. The appointed storyteller is convinced that only innovation can bring about change.

Change needs innovation

Continuing along well-trodden paths not only doesn’t get you where you want to go, it can be dangerous. That’s what happens when companies miss the boat, perhaps a bit like the German auto industry is saying at the moment.

Maks Giordano prevents the rude awakening as an experienced professional with arguably an innate passion for technology and digital media. Through his experience-based skills and creative vision, he moves companies forward. You can almost say: whether they want to or not.

Once you’ve experienced him in his keynotes, you basically can’t help but want to actively shape the future of your own industry.

In very few cases do the careers of digital innovators and strategists follow a straight line. Before becoming a successful consultant and keynote speaker, Maks Girodano went through various professional stages and gained experience in different industries. This was followed by consulting jobs at such forward-looking companies as Apple, Lego, Red Bull, Mercedes and Jägermeister. Sillicon Valley is still one of the places he visits regularly. After all, this is undoubtedly where the future we will have in our world is being fine-tuned.

Fun fact: As a presenter and curator, Maks Giordano has actually attended more than a dozen ”FlyingLab” flight conferences for Lufthansa, interviewing the likes of Ironman winner and world record holder Jan Frodeno, superstar DJ Felix Jähn, IBM Fellow John Cohn and many others in flight at 33k feet.

Thought leader and sought-after keynote speaker Maks Giordano

Thinking in terms of innovative solutions and developing them seems to come easily to Giordano. His reputation as a thought leader and consultant in digital transformation and innovation has long preceded him.

Giordano has the talent to pragmatically combine creative thinking with practical implementation. To implement ideas, he makes natural use of innovative technology, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. This also makes his lectures unique events.

The future seen from the past

In his lectures, he likes to take a look back to make clear how close the future has come today. He says, “In 1968, the movie ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ hit theaters. In the science fiction film classic, Stanley Kubrick showed his vision of the future with inventions such as video telephony, tablets and voice control that seemed absolutely utopian to us. While not everything that had already become reality in the film was there in 2001, things moved all the faster after that: Skype has been around since 2003, Apple launched the iPad in 2010, and Amazon’s Alexa has just begun its triumphal march around the world.”

Groundbreaking innovations are finding their way like water. Giordano says, “The future is evolving exponentially, it will be here faster than any of us think it will be today, because all these developments are reinforcing each other. That’s why one of the biggest challenges for companies is to keep up with the digital transformation, to not lose touch.”

Maks Giordano’s message is clear: innovation is the key to future viability. He calls for taking risks, questioning traditional thought patterns, and seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

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Maks Giordano

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