Professor, Author, Researcher, Energy expert

Volker Quaschning has been a professor for regenerative energy systems at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin since 2004, spokesman for the Renewable Energies course and heads the solar storage systems research group.

Volker Quaschning did his doctorate in the field of photovoltaics and habilitated on climate-friendly energy supply and is considered one of the leading energy transition experts in Germany. He is the author of several successful specialist books on renewable energies and climate protection, which have been translated into various languages ​​and are considered standard works. His latest non-fiction book, Energierevolution JETZT, is on the Spiegel bestseller lists. He runs his own YouTube channel, with several million views, a podcast and his own internet portal on renewable energies and climate protection. He is a welcome interview partner in newspapers, radio and television. He has a wide reach on social networks and has been awarded the German Solar Prize for his personal commitment and has been included in the Top Voices list on LinkedIn.

Volker Quaschning – Lecture topics:

  • Energy transition and climate protection – Are we really better than Trump?
  • Why we need a real energy revolution instead of a lukewarm energy transition.
  • Sector coupling through the energy transition – Necessary expansion targets to achieve the Paris climate protection goals.
  • Electricity, heat, transport – What needs to change for successful climate protection?
  • 100 percent electromobility – The key to climate-friendly transport.
  • Demands placed on the heating industry by the Paris climate protection agreement.
  • The importance of wind power for the energy transition and climate protection.
  • The importance of photovoltaic self-consumption systems for climate protection in Germany.

More and more new heat records, drought summers and natural disasters are showing us more and more drastically that unchecked climate change will have dramatic effects on humanity. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change strongly recommends that global warming not exceed 1.5°C. If we want to achieve this, we have to implement an energy supply in Germany in less than 20 years that does not require any natural gas, oil or coal. With the current German energy and climate protection policy, compliance with the Paris climate protection agreement is impossible.

Volker Quaschning shows what consequences will occur if we miss the climate targets and how we can avoid them now. However, this does not require a half-hearted energy transition, but a real energy revolution. Renewable energies such as photovoltaics and wind power can and must ensure our energy supply very quickly, reliably and in a climate-neutral manner, together with modern storage systems and intelligent networks. In addition to a conversion of our energy supply, we also need a real transition in transport and heating, as well as a completely different form of agriculture. Prof. Quaschning succeeds in shaking up the audience with his lecture, but does not leave them with the feeling of hopelessness, but shows real alternatives and spreads a real sense of optimism in a rousing way.