Do you want to compete or create?

05. February 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

Last week at the AlpenSymposium in Interlaken during Magnus Lindkvist‘s lecture, this exciting question came up: “Do you want to compete or create?” This question in the context of the lecture by trend researcher Lindkvist immediately triggered me, because my thoughts immediately started to work.

This question is not only interesting for industrial companies, which are constantly having to defend themselves against “copy machines” from Asia. Or the watch industry, which can hardly protect its brands any more. I also asked myself what the situation is like for speakers’ agencies and whether they are also constantly being copied (in addition to stealing data and profiles).

How can we protect ourselves or what can we do? Well, to be honest, not much. We are left with exactly three issues that can be tackled:

  • High speed/speed and keep developing new ideas for the website to get higher visibility.
  • Discovering and attracting new talents and speakers and making them accessible to customers
  • Always keep an eye on the zeitgeist, look ahead, take risks and develop new business ideas

It feels like a new speaker agency comes onto the market every three weeks in our industry. Every agency has the feeling that it is special and brings new impulses to the market. But mostly it’s just about trying to get a slice of the pie and making a quick buck. On the one hand, this is completely superfluous for the market, on the other hand it is understandable, because with all the crap that the market offers: “Become a keynote speaker in 7 days….” or “Become the best speaker in Germany in 4 weeks….” or “Become a keynote speaker now and prepare for the stage in our speaker academy….”. Unbearable.

We at Premium Speakers don’t care what happens on the market around us. We concentrate on ourselves with our product and the quality of our speakers and personalities. We work daily with our highly professional content team on our MICE and speaker platforms to ensure that our web content is always up to date.

“Don’t waste a crisis” …. and we have used the pandemic period to create a new product with LEADING MINDS. And this new product has been so successful that we are thinking about further ideas and steps. Do we want to compete or create? We give the answer to our business environment every day.