Oliver Stoldt: It’s all about staging

14. February 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

On the one hand, conferences, meetings and events thrive on the content that is offered at these events. Top speakers and artists, business bosses and sports gurus. But if the “central theme” is missing and the dramaturgy doesn’t fit, then “actually” great content turns into boring meetings.

How often have we seen and experienced it: wrong program planning. We at Premium Speakers have these discussions with our clients almost every day. You want to place the internal CFO or “Head of Investment” or chief economist after the inspiring keynote speaker. If possible, after the break to round off the program and before the aperitif. Unfortunately, this usually goes wrong and the room is half empty because the star speaker is sitting in the lobby signing books and the participants would rather take selfies and ask personal questions.

Hence our well-intentioned advice to conference planners: “It’s the staging that counts.”

We have been planning conferences and congresses since 2003, when we founded the Alpensymposium. And since 2009, when we launched the MICE Service Group and Premium Speakers, we have been doing nothing other than staging conferences. By placing the currently important topics in the right place, using the right moderator for the event and the best possible speakers to convey the content clearly, you can create a strong conference that your participants will remember fondly.

We are always happy when customers bring us to the table right from the start when planning the event. This allows us to contribute our ideas and input directly. And it’s not at all about the placement of speakers or artists, but always about the question: “How can we help to make your event unique so that your guests go home happy and satisfied?”

A super positive example is this year’s Art on Ice show. We can only congratulate Reto Caviezel and his team. We had the pleasure of attending the ice revue this year and it was one of the best shows in the world. World champions, Olympic champions and young talents on the ice and the perfect musical mix on stage. A perfect production and pure goosebumps.

We like to go to music shows or the circus often. We can learn a lot about dramaturgy, staging and show elements from Helene Fischer, Circus Knie, Robbie Williams and musicals. You learn very quickly whether something works or not. And these lessons can also be put to good use at conferences. So it’s the staging and the dramaturgy that count.

By the way, at the 20 Alpensymposien we always wrote a sentence at the end of the program: “Subject to changes and surprises”. So we were always able to present our participants with a special WOW moment…