Oliver Stoldt trifft Kevin Lötscher – SORGHA

12. December 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

It was a very emotional start to the evening, but exceptionally honest, authentic and open. And I am very grateful to have met Kevin Lötscher.

Kevin was one of the best ice hockey talents in Switzerland and he was playing in his first World Championship. The eyes of talent managers from the NHL were on him and when he scored two goals in Switzerland’s game against the USA (4:2 for Switzerland), his life as an athlete was turned upside down.

But three days after the highlight of his career, he was hit by a car and injured so badly that his dream of an ice hockey career was over. He first had to fight his way back to life.

Kevin Lötscher: Kick-off – When life goes into overtime.

I had prepared myself for his appearance and our meeting, read up on him, watched videos and read his book “Eiszeit“. The personal meeting was very valuable for me.

Kevin is a great young man who has found his place in life. He is a full-time dad to two great boys, gives talks and leads a simple and contented life. He has left behind the “faster, higher, further” that he had at the beginning of his sporting career. He has found his “happy place”, because when he’s not on stage, he’s paddling on Lake Neuchâtel or at his family’s mountain hut in Valais.

And Kevin Lötscher clearly demonstrates one thing with his story: We have to live life, because it can change from one second to the next. So it’s clear that we all have to SORGHA.