Dr. Fredrik G. Pferdt: The human superpower is creativity!

26. April 2024 – Katharina Schlangenotto

You could also call Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt “the innovative spirit of Google”. His vision is nothing less than a world ready for the future – in which creativity is the superpower of humanity.

As the first “Chief Innovation Evangelist” at Google, he has helped to shape one of the most innovative cultures in the tech world. With his work and philosophies, he provides fascinating insights into the future of innovation and thinking, and how the world can prepare itself for ever new challenges.

Frederik Pferdt’s career at Google can only be described as remarkable.

It was he who founded the Google Innovation Lab, THE breeding ground for new ideas and creative solutions. Here he trained tens of thousands of Google employees to develop innovative ideas and put them into practice through experimentation. His workshops and seminars have had and continue to have an impact, encouraging not only the creation of new products, but also the promotion of a culture of continuous improvement and critical thinking.

In addition to his work at Google, Frederik G. Pferdt is also a lecturer at the renowned Stanford University in the USA, where he teaches courses on innovation and creativity. His teaching methods at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) have inspired and educated generations of students who are now innovation leaders in various industries.

Frederik G. Pferdt and the art of lateral thinking

Lateral thinking is not just a skill, but a necessity to keep pace in today’s fast-paced world.

“Seneca’s quote ‘The will to progress is already great progress’ reflects exactly what we should be striving for,” expert Frederik G. Pferdt likes to explain.

He compares the human brain to a landscape that is constantly being shaped by new experiences. New stimuli and experiences are essential to break out of entrenched thought patterns. Taking an alternative route to work or having conversations with different people can already have a big impact.

In his workshops and keynotes, the former “Google Chief Innovation Evangelist” repeatedly encourages people to think in new ways.

Questions could simply be rephrased, for example, in which the question is not how a car can be designed differently, but better to ask how we can rethink mobility.

He urges us to think bigger in general and to practice this regularly and to develop empathy for the perspectives of others to discover innovative solutions together.

Companies such as Google use weekly TGIF meetings to foster a culture of openness and transparency. According to Pferdt, such rituals are crucial for promoting creative thinking. “Rituals define our culture and should be chosen carefully,” says the innovation expert. As an example, he cites the All-Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby union team, who tidy up their dressing room after every game to promote discipline and respect.

By adopting such simple practices, any workplace could be transformed into a hotbed of innovation and creativity.

He advises managers to respond positively to new ideas and encourage a culture of openness. He says: “Build on your team’s ideas rather than dismissing them with a ‘yes, but’.” Instead, managers should foster a culture of ‘yes, and’ and create space for experimentation. Open and respectful interactions and incentivizing creative approaches are key to success.

We need to develop a future-ready mindset

Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt is a recognized figure not only in the academic world and Silicon Valley, but also on a global level. He has worked with international government organizations and companies and is a regular guest speaker at conferences where he talks about the importance of a future-ready mindset. His belief that the future belongs to everyone and not just a few “innovators” is a central theme of his talks and publications.

“What’s Next Is Now” – A guide to the future

In his book “What’s Next Is Now – How to Live Future Ready”, Pferdt presents his vision on how to prepare for an uncertain future and turn ambiguity into an advantage. The book is an extension of his teachings and offers practical tips on how anyone and everyone can develop an attitude that is not only focused on surviving in a rapidly changing world, but also on how to help shape these changes.

Frederik G. Pferdt: A key figure in the world of innovation – and keynotes

Through his work at Google, his teaching at Stanford University and his numerous public appearances, Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt has sparked a broad discussion about the importance of innovation and creativity in the modern world. His influence spans numerous sectors and demonstrates how essential innovative thinking is to solving global problems.

His ideas and approaches provide valuable insight and inspiration for anyone who wants to succeed in an increasingly complex world. His commitment to a better future and his tireless dedication to innovation make him a true role model in the tech world and beyond.

Pferdt’s talks address topics ranging from future mindset and how to invent tomorrow today, to future readiness and training the mind, to shaping Google’s world-leading innovation culture. He also talks about creativity as a human superpower, about New Work and innovation culture as a standard, as well as about moonshot thinking and why Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world.

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Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt

Future Optimist, Google's First & Former Chief Innovation Evangelist, Adjunct Professor Stanford University