Edgar Itt – Entrepreneurship is like a relay race

11. March 2024 – Mandy Weinand

Edgar Itt – What does a relay race have to do with the future of a company?

The competition is underway. The first runner is in the starting blocks. Head down. His eyes fixed on the track and fully focussed. He holds the baton in his right hand. He is focussed right down to the tips of his hair.

A loud bang – the starting gun has been fired!

The runner jumps up and starts running. Driven by the motivation to reach his goal.

What is the runner thinking at this moment? Just don’t miss the start? And then, at the handover to the next runner? His focus is on ensuring that the handover is successful. His part is done. Now the others run on. No. 2, no. 3 and runner no. 4, all the way to the finish. There the team meets again and celebrates the finish. Ideally, victory. All four – as a team!

Edgar Itt: But what does the relay race have to do with the future of the company?

In business, similar to a relay race, motivation, common goals, purpose and teamwork are crucial. Especially in difficult times.

A relay race aptly symbolises the competition for the company’s future: every runner (employee) plays a decisive role. Success depends on seamless handover (communication and collaboration). The true strength of a team is revealed in challenging phases. Companies that act like a relay team, where each person passes the baton safely and efficiently to the next, navigate better through crises.

This cooperation, mutual trust and continuous motivation are the cornerstones of long-term success and innovation. As in a relay race, where the end of one runner is the beginning of the next, in business challenges form the basis for new solutions and progress.

And if a runner loses the baton?

In sport, the consequences are fatal. No baton, no handover. Disqualification. The end of the dream of an Olympic medal.

What does this mean for the future of a company?

In a relay race, when the first runner drops the baton, this symbolises a failure or a crisis at the start of a project or process in the corporate context.

This can be interpreted as an opportunity for learning processes and adaptation.

The solution lies in the resilience and agility of the team: quickly analyse the mistake, learn from it and pick up the baton again. In the business environment, this corresponds to quickly rectifying mistakes, adapting strategies and strengthening the team in order to successfully continue the competition for the company’s future.

The important thing is to start at all. With a motivated team, baton, creative ideas and goals. The path to the company’s future, especially in difficult times, is always characterised by uncertainty, crises and sometimes even losses.

However, if a team sticks together and makes a conscious decision to jump over all the hurdles together, then victory behind the finish line is certain.

Edgar Itt knows the hurdles and obstacles from his own experience. In his talks and workshops, he talks about how he deals with them himself. And how he learned self-motivation, focus and discipline to achieve his goals. Whether in sport, business or at a personal level.

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