Christian Gansch – Enjoyment and adventure at the same time

05. May 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Christian Gansch has a fine ear and is a master at perceiving. His creed: Perceive. Decide. Act. The former conductor and thoroughbred musician has encouraged the BBC Orchestra, the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France Paris, the Russian National Orchestra and the NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo to perform at their best.

For Christian Gansch, the management of an orchestra is essentially nothing more than team leadership in a big or small business.

He successfully transfers his old orchestral world to today’s corporate world. In an interview with the German magazine “Der Spiegel”, he said: “Dozens of individualists work side by side in the orchestra, for up to six hours a day. You can’t just be in a bad mood and therefore play a little slower. When Brahms is on the program, you cannot say: Today, I feel more like Mozart. And there is no office door to be closed behind you. Companies can learn how a “symphony” can be created under these conditions, how the individual skills of the employees can be fully exploited, how the cooperation must be perfectly organized.”

Christian Gansch knows what he’s talking about. Eventually, he has also worked, partly as a producer, in the music industry for fourteen years. Specifically, being a producer means interacting with production, marketing, sales and controlling across divisions. The experience he had gained at that time now forms the basis for his keynotes in which he talks about motivation and success as well as music and art. His heynote topics sound refreshingly different: “From solo to symphony – how diversity creates unity”, “Listening to each other, acting together – the orchestral interplay of forces”, “Whoever performs must play – why self-motivation of all work is the beginning”, ” The triad of leadership: perceiving – deciding – acting ”,“Why change is everyday routine and routine standstill ”or“ Stress on stage – how top musicians deal with pressure”.

Christian Gansch speaks in a fascinating, captivating way about self-motivation and the ability to listen and look deeper, about passion and goals and how to keep the balance between feeling and reason in decision-making processes.

Because Christian Gansch cleverly bridges the gap between his two worlds, his answers to the challenges of the corporate world feel playful and somehow easy. Whoever mentally frolics in the midst of musicians and vibrations, miraculously gets themselves into another vibration. “Ultimately,” he says. “Orchestras are exemplary in terms of communication and change processes that have to function not only within an instrument group, but continuously across departments.”

When asked about a standard recipe for motivation, he replied: “Motivation can neither be prescribed nor conjured up according to a recipe. There is only one guideline: If musicians feel that I have honestly tried to come up with a clear concept in advance, if they realize that I am not focusing on self-portrayal or cheap actionism, but rather concentrating on the content with all my might, then I can I trust that they will be motivated.”

His lectures … enjoyment and adventure at the same time.

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