Felix Thönnessen puts the tiger in the tank – „Dragon’s Den“ Star

15. August 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Felix Thönnessen loves dissertations, he says. Not just because he loves to pass on knowledge, but also because he has so much fun onstage. And it’s true! When he walks on stage, something happens, in the air and to the audience. Felix Thönnessen masters the art of quickly picking up people, right where they are.

He does this with a joy and enthusiasm, like a little boy going camping with his friends for the first time. He says, “What’s the point of having the greatest knowledge, if your audience falls asleep on you?” Good question! So he combines teaching with entertainment. Learning something new is easy with him, almost effortless, but very effective.

Entrepreneurship as a philosophy

Felix Thönnessen is a management consultant and a successful entrepreneur himself. He’s convinced that standard counseling doesn’t meet the mark anymore. If someone wants to advance a good idea, a little more is needed.

He’s the business developer, he organizes, eliminates and supports; with expertise, experience and humor. He loves to interject stories of his own life, after all, he has established 23 companies, written 456 business plans and counseled 1253 companies. Something to be proud of, for sure, but all the while he reminds you of the nice boy next door. His refreshing style captivates and inspires his listeners, all the while dishing out insider tips, that are easy to put into practice, unlike many other theoretical approaches.

Precise, clear, passionate

What does successful entrepreneurship depend on? Which qualifications are requiered to reach your goal? As management consultant, the young gun asks some uncomfortable questions, and gives some very direct answers.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, according to Thönnessen, passion is the most important factor. He says, “To burn with passion for your idea is more important that anything else. To stay hungry and inspire others with your energy. That’s the spark that ignites success.”

Entrepreneurs also need to be able to transfer the conviction of an idea to possible investors. He advises to built a pitch not just on facts, but, importantly, also on an emotional component.

As an investor, Felix Thönnesson knows that investors want to be impassioned, not just by the idea, but by the entrepreneur/entrepreneurs.

Marketing is everything

The most important building block of entrepreneurship – and after – continues to be marketing. The trained marketing man defines it as the foundation of success. It’s your own fault if you try to save money at the wrong end. In his dissertations he shares surprising tips and tricks, anything but off the rack. Besides online marketing, he continues to advocate classic advertising – if it fits the company.

Enthusiasm is the beginning of something new

… so his personal attitude, that he conveys with delight and conviction. He says, “If you want to walk new paths, you’re going to need more than Google Maps.” To walk new paths, above all, you need motivation and a concise goal.

After witnessing Felix Thönnessen on stage, you will definitely be much closer to that goal.

In his dissertations he talks about the art of founding, effective marketing strategies, the digital age and innovation and about the philosophy of entrepreneurship.

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Felix Thönnessen

Investor, Entrepreneur, Coach & Innovator