Florian Hübner – the “5 Premium Speakers Questions”

06. May 2024 – Mandy Weinand

Florian Hübner, aka Mr Tech, takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of AI.

Florian Hübner is an AI influencer, entrepreneur, consultant and keynote speaker who shines a spotlight on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in the digital era. His talks on AI invite you to explore the opportunities and benefits that AI can offer companies.

With profound knowledge and a lively presentation style, he takes the audience on an inspiring journey of discovery into the technological future. Each talk is an opportunity to understand the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and how companies can be at the forefront of technological evolution.

Florian Hübner in an interview:

1. What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Florian Hübner:

  • The Future of AI & the Current State
  • The Best and Most Fascinating AI Tools
  • How to Protect Yourself Against Deep Fakes
  • Implementing AI in Business
  • How AI is Shaking Up Marketing
  • AI in Sales – Pure Automation
  • Content Creation with AI
  • ChatGPT & Microsoft Copilot in Business

2. Which audiance or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Florian Hübner:

I reach employees from all sectors with a focus on marketing & sales.

3. Are you a PREMIUM SPEAKER? Where do you get your insights from?

Florian Hübner:

I’ve been running an AI agency for seven years, long before the topic became mainstream. My software company was designing and implementing AI solutions for clients well before the general public took notice.

In November 2022, the introduction of ChatGPT marked a pivotal moment. Suddenly, AI became mainstream. This was my moment as Mr. Tech: with my blend of education and entertainment, or “edutainment,” I’ve amassed over 100 million impressions on social media regarding AI since the start of 2023. This rapid success has made me not only Europe’s largest AI influencer, but also a sought-after keynote speaker at AI conferences, trade shows, and corporate events.

What sets me apart? I guide my audience and surprise them with fascinating use cases at the push of a button, showcasing what artificial intelligence can already accomplish. Ready for some AI excitement? You’re in the right place.

4. What will be in the future? Does «time» play an important role in your work?

Florian Hübner:

In AI, the rules of the game change every day! We all must keep up with the times and use AI to remain relevant. The possibilities are limitless!

5. Tell us your life motto? What do you want to give your listeners to take with them?

Florian Hübner:

“Embrace the future with enthusiasm and unlock new worlds through AI!”

Florian Hübner

Expert Artificial Intelligence & CEO Startup Creator