Florian Inhauser – the face of Swiss daily news live on stage

12. June 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Actually, he never wanted to be a moderator, Inhauser likes to say and one is not sure if he is coquetting or serious. He was often thrown into the cold water, he says, there was no time to think long. He tackled it, that’s how he always handled life and still does.

At that time, as a correspondent in the UK, he was much looser in interviews in front of the camera than in the Tagesschau. He enjoyed that, he admits. The format is now just another and here, he can live and show his a serious side.

Florian Inhauser was born in Aarau, Germany and only learned Swiss German at the age of four. Today he still has the habit of switching from Swiss to High German and sometimes even to English, as he studied historian and anglist and lived in the UK for many years. “A tick that I can not put off in private,” he says.

Sometimes, it still happens to him on stage when he talks about his favorite subjects: Europe and the European Union, Brexit, war and peace, crisis management or the stock market.

On stage, Florian Inhauser is allowed to be what he likes most: relaxed, witty, pointed and sometimes even a little shirt-sleeved. His way of making complex contexts crystal clear and tangible is inspiring and mind-opening at the same time.

Florian Inhauser was born in Aarau. Before he graduated from the University of Zurich in Switzerland as a freelance print journalist, he has already written for diverse Ringier titles, the NZZ and various Tamedia titles. Between 1998 and 2001 he was VJ and producer at «TeleZüri» and changed in 2002 to the «Tagesschau» of SRF.

Florian Innhauser gives his lectures in German and English and, depending on the topic, also in French.

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Florian Inhauser

Moderator, Anchorman, Journalist