Kerstin Heuer – Mindset Change: Change your thinking and you change your life!

14. April 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Futurepreneur founder Kerstin Heuer knows what she’s talking about.

Kerstin Heuer has the non-profit, donation-funded association Futurepreneur. Why?

Because she wants to awaken the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship in young people. She says herself that it was not necessarily her urgent wish to found and run a social enterprise. But as life goes, it happened. At a time when she was still employed on a permanent basis, the opportunity arose to lead a pilot project that focused precisely on the topic of “entrepreneurship for young people.” Kerstin Heuer realized that everything she had learned, done and implemented so far was perfectly suited for this task.

With sense to success: Futurepreneur shows that it works.

Kerstin Heuer has what many successful people lack: she sees meaning in what she does.

Without a doubt, working with young people could not be more meaningful than many other activities. At the same time, she ensures with Futurepreneur that young people get the joy of the company along the way. The experienced management consultant and start-up researcher is certain that this can be awakened in almost anyone. She herself loves self-employment and, thanks to her experience with the Swedish education system, has all the skills needed to get young people excited about new learning, future skills and “effectuation”.

Effectuation: change your thinking!

Effectuation comes from global entrepreneurship research. Effectuation is a decision logic used in companies to make decisions in situations with high uncertainty. It does not use data from the past to predict a possible future, but rather is about co-creation and opportunities for action that arise from “getting together.”

Effectuation, as expert Kerstin Heuer sees it, would be a wonderful tool for developing business opportunities and business models. Because basically, it would be about effective action without having to set goals. This is quite a revolutionary approach in a society where clearly defined goals have always been part of entrepreneurial business success.

Mindset change for a better (corporate) world

Kerstin Heuer firmly believes that a mindset change plays one of the biggest roles in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

She and her team at Futurepreneur introduce young people to entrepreneurship in workshops and projects for young people aged 13 and up, which also last several days. It becomes so practically experiencable, and the Kids are usually fast fire and flame. Futurepreneur cooperates with schools, youth centers and other partners. During the vacations, young people can immerse themselves in the world of entrepreneurship for several weeks.

If young people want to develop entrepreneurial spirit, they need to know their strengths in order to come into their own. Kerstin Heuer herself knows that it takes a lot of stamina and the willingness to find solutions instead of sticking to problems in order to be a successful entrepreneur. You need to know how you tick, what you are good at and what you need to persevere, even when things get tough. This doesn’t just apply to young people, says Kerstin Heuer, but the sooner people get the message, the better.

Kerstin Heuer’s core message: “Less yes but – more just do it.”

Her keynotes are about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, about entrepreneurship education, Mindset Change/Growth Mindset, Effectuation, Future Skills, Gen E (E for Entrepreneur), and New Learning.

In recent years, Futurepreneur has conducted over 200 projects with more than 3,500 young people in the field of entrepreneurship education, generating over 80,000 business ideas, of which more than 1,000 have been successfully implemented for profit. We remember: these 80,000 ideas were not only spun by kids between the ages of 14 and 19, but 1,000 of them were brought to life.

Change your thinking and you change your life! That’s a good message that not only young people should remember.

Kerstin Heuer

Founder & CEO of Futurepreneur