Keynote Speaker on ESG – Environmental Social Governance

02. June 2023 – Mandy Weinand

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is becoming increasingly important for companies. This refers to three key areas of corporate responsibility that will become even more important in the future than they have been in the past.

These are environmental protection (environment), social justice (social) and corporate management (governance). In order to be able to act in the best possible way in accordance with these new principles or ESG rules, companies need to understand that compliance with ESG guidelines and the associated ESG reporting will be mandatory in the future.

ESG megatrend – regulation to increase companies’ sense of duty

ESG is one of the new megatrends in the field of corporate governance and responsibility. Environmental Social Governance provides the framework for companies to analyze and address their environmental and social impact and to act accordingly.

Since the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, the relevance of ESG has become even more important and has been manifested in concrete targets and guidelines (taxonomies). In the process, around 200 countries have committed to designated ESG targets.

What is the difference between ESG and sustainability?

The new ESG guidelines are intended to help companies pursue their sustainability strategies in a targeted manner. Related ESG reports and compliance with the ESG guidelines serve to verify the sustainable development of a business model.

And how does this differ from current CSR? While previous CSR measures are intrinsic in nature, ESG measures are government-mandated guidelines and targets or taxonomies that must be adhered to.

What impact will ESG have on the structure and orientation of companies?

In the future, ESG will turn many industries upside down in the process. It will mean that organizations will have to integrate ESG-compliant goals into the fundamental structure of their corporate strategy, and this will also significantly change their value and action structures.

Especially at the beginning of the ESG transformation, there will be intensive restructuring processes that cannot be mastered without effort and openness. But in terms of the medium and long-term development of companies, valuable potential and unique values can be unleashed.

The dawn of a new economy: clear rules of the game for greater sustainability

Sustainability, especially in a corporate context, is all the rage! But until now, this term has been interpreted very loosely by many companies and often used by greenwashing for better product or self-marketing.

This is now an end: ESG demands real and uniform measures for the fulfillment of actual sustainability criteria! How do companies succeed in complying with the taxonomies? What steps and measures are needed? And what impact does this development have on business?

In exciting and informative keynotes, our speakers will get to the bottom of these questions. Gain insight into the new megatrend ESG and what impact it has on our economic system in a varied series of presentations.

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