Mahsa Amoudadashi – Commissioner for warmth about the role of empathy in an age of business ratio

03. April 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Professionalism has something to do with emotions. Even though some of you might need to inhale deeply reading this, Masha Amoudadashi is more than convinced that it is the very truth.

Masha Amoudadashi is real. The Iranian by birth is full of warmth and joy herself and easily spreads the spark on to her audience. There is a reason why her former employer, the German Hotel „Schindlerhof“ close to Nurnberg, had appointed her to be the first „Commissioner of warmth“. In her role, she was responsible for the happiness and joy of guests and, above all, the employees. Today, she shares her insights with people who want to find a way to keep good employees engaged and inspired.

‘You have to inspire the employees before they can inspire guests or customers,’ says Masha Mamoudashi in her lectures. Some managers may not want to sign this. After all, the customer should be happy, however, and that ist he important part, this only works if those people who represent a company are able to stifle that sense of happiness.

Working time is lifetime

Masha Amoudadasi says quite mercilessly: ‘Working time is lifetime, and nobody should waste it.’ In an interview with the German newspaper „Saarbrücker Zeitung“, she also said: ‘Nowadays we are so focused on our minds. Everything is analyzed, framed in plans and poured into target agreements. This is also a loss of perspective because the emotional leads a shadowy existence. Enthusiasm no longer prevails when you look around in today’s working and living environment. I come across these aspects I again and again.’

People or Key Figures, Business Models, Human Resources?

In her time as a „comissioner of warmth“, Mahsa Amoudadashi quickly realized that cordiality is not something that one could learn. What does work, however, is to inspire people by small but lasting things: if, for example, every employee has the feeling of being able to move something and to be accepted as he or she is, has a great impact on employee satisfaction. ‘It only works on appreciation, not on bonuses and salary,’ says Masha Amoudadashi. ‘Without appreciation, everything we do remains essentially external in essence. And then we just turn off.’

Working world from the perspective of the employees

In her lectures, she shows how the world of work looks like from the perspective of a co-worker. She explains with her heartfelt nature, economic psychology and based on many practical examples, how important employee enthusiasm is and how it arises in the heart. It shakes people awake and makes them aware that nothing – not even a financial incentive system – affects the performance of a team as positively as satisfaction among colleagues.

Her lectures are full of energy and passion. Intoxicating and with a lightness that is contageous, she explains how the factual working world can naturally turn into a „feel-good atmosphere“. The only prerequisite for it is the necessary willingness to do so.

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