Marga Hoek: “Achieving sustainable economic success must be the goal.”

27. November 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Marga Hoek from the Netherlands is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. Her main topics are sustainability, entrepreneurship and business, she is passionate about sustainable business and innovation.

Sustainability in business means achieving long-term economic success without depleting resources and the environment. The results of the annual World Climate Conference, in which countries adopt clear measures to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, show that this is no easy task. The aim is to limit the impact on nature, people and the environment.

Marga Hoek’s work therefore not only makes an urgently needed contribution to business and industry, but also to the world. Without a rethink by society and the influential people who are part of it, there will be no change. The sustainability expert and visionary knows this only too well. That is why she is addressing those who can make a difference.

Marga Hoek:The Trillion Dollar Shift

In her latest book, “The Trillion Dollar Shift”, she examined how companies can benefit from transforming their business models by switching to sustainable products, services and processes. Marga Hoek says: “Taking ecological and social aspects into account not only benefits the environment but can also lead to financial gains.” Her main message can be summarized as follows: Climate protection and sustainable thinking are not antagonists of economic success. On the contrary, if they are part of the business strategy, they can make an extraordinary contribution.

Marga Hoek’s forward-looking and positive mindset has led her to the THINKERS 50 list. As a sought-after board advisor, keynote speaker and moderator, this is not surprising.

The three areas of sustainable entrepreneurship

Companies that focus on sustainability in industry and business must be measured against three main areas in particular.

The first is environmental protection, which involves reducing environmental impact through the efficient use of resources, using renewable energy sources, reducing waste and limiting pollution.

The second important area is social responsibility, as companies have a social responsibility towards their employees. This involves fair working conditions, respect for human rights and a commitment to diversity and the necessary freedom for personal development.

Ultimately, economic sustainability also means ensuring long-term economic performance. Companies should operate profitably and at the same time pursue long-term plans that ensure both economic stability and long-term growth.

According to Marga Hoek, companies need to adapt their business practices and introduce sustainable measures to enable sustainable business. This includes implementing environmentally friendly processes, reducing resource consumption, incorporating socially responsible decisions and promoting innovation.

Many companies are turning to sustainability not only to gain environmental and social benefits, but also to improve their brand reputation and ensure long-term business success. Initiatives such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting and the implementation of environmental management systems are some of the ways in which companies can integrate sustainability into their business practices.

Limiting climate change can only be done together.

Marga Hoek is one of the top keynote speakers in the field of sustainability in business and industry. This makes her one of the most sought-after speakers for companies today. Few people have such in-depth knowledge of sustainability, entrepreneurship and economic innovation. Her knowledge helps companies to find ways to implement sustainable business models, which is of great importance in the business world today. We can only limit climate change together, says Marga Hoek. And nobody needs to worry about the long-term success of the company. Knowing how! Her presentations offer valuable insights and practical strategies to help companies integrate sustainable business practices while achieving economic benefits. Hands on, no frills and very clear.

Tangible and encouraging – the keynotes by sustainability expert Marga Hoek

In her presentations, the visionary talks about sustainable business and capital, about

disruptive sustainability, on the fourth industrial revolution and its accelerating power for a sustainable world, on sustainable development goals and their impact on the world, countries, the economy and capital and especially, tailored for CEOs and chairmen, on the role of business leaders for society.

In her lectures, the visionary talks about sustainable business and capital, about

disruptive sustainability, the fourth industrial revolution and its accelerating power for a sustainable world, sustainable development goals and their impact on the world, countries, economies and capital, and especially, tailored for CEOs and chairmen, the role of business leaders for society.

In her keynotes, Marga Hoek also addresses sustainable and impact-oriented investment and finance, leadership of sustainable transformation and change through government, business and science, and sustainable innovation and digitalization, for example in new business.

She clearly shows that the shift to sustainable business does not have to hurt. On the contrary. Her exciting keynotes encourage people to act. For economic success – and for the world.

Marga Hoek

Expert in CSR, Sustainability & Economy