Markus Blum – traveling with his wife and children through the wilderness of Canada and Australia

09. July 2019 – Melanie Hübner

Untypical with a family, Markus Blum left from one day to another his “safe” environment and his job as a sales assistant and snow-sports instructor and followed his passion: With his wife Sabrina and their two daughters they undertook some amazing Adventures. With horses they traveled many Summers through the wilderness of Canada and spend the winter totally self sufficient in a little log cabin, 200km away from any civilization. Later on, in Australia, they harnessed camels to a self-made wagon and travel with them and their two daughters through the outback.

Leave the comfort zone

All of this sounds very romantic, but to get there at all, they had to muster the courage to do what they wanted, to leave the comfort zone, to let go and to repeatedly put up with many setbacks.

In the beginning, one is often not taken seriously, the environment wants to have you back to  “normal” life. But what is normal life? What does a save environment mean? This definition is different for everyone and for Markus and Sabrina Blum it is situations and places that many consider dangerous and insecure. But a path feels insecure if it is not the one we want to go. They always followed their goals and instinct with great passion.

Impressive is how they approach new situations and goals. If they followed the advice of many people, they would never have embarked to their adventures. “That’s not possible, that will not work!” Before their journeys on horseback and by camel, the two had, for example, no idea how to handle the animals in the beginning. The camels they were traveling with in Australia, came right out of the desert, being completely wild. Markus and Sabrina had to tame and train them first. What makes them so successful in achieving their goals, is, that they believe in themselves, in their abilities, melt together as a team, and work hard to make apparently impossible things become possible.

Markus Blum has many stories to tell, touching and inspiring a lot of people

They never consider their trips anything out of the ordinary, but the interest of the media, the Swiss television and thousands of enthusiastic listeners in his lectures, confirmed Markus Blum that he has many stories to tell, touching and inspiring a lot of people.

With his lectures “Canada – Life in the Wilderness” and “Australia – with Camels through the Outback” he wants to encourage you to believe in your dreams and tackle things. He shows clearly how important it is to leave your comfort zone, not to turn your whole life in a circle, that no predetermined path can also mean freedom, the importance of teamlife and flexibility to live your dreams and visions. Not everything on the way to reach your goals is according to plan, but whatever you do, do it with passion and live your life to the fullest every day!

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Markus Blum