Michel Fornasier – Bridge builder with high-tech hand

09. January 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Michel Fornasier does not seem at all like someone living with a serious disability. Last year the 39 year old ran the New York Marathon and there isn’t much the Swiss would’t dare to do.

Perhaps it is due to his 1.2 kilograms heavy and 55,000 Swiss francs worth, bionic hand prosthesis, which boasts six phenomenal engines and does lot more than just a grip movement: with the help of an app on his smartphone or microchips, Michel Fornasier can select from 25 different grip patterns and program his artificial hand.

Not afraid of people with disabilities

Since 2014, the medical robot “ILIMB Ultra Revolution” helps him with everyday life. “When I got it, it was one of the most emotional moments of my life.” Since then, he has made it his mission to take away the fear of tools and aids for people with disabilities. However, it is even more important to him to bring people with and without disabilities together.

He reports that he was not ashamed of himself for his handicap, but nevertheless there was always an unconscious urge to hide his arm. And then there was the pity, which he wanted to avoid at all costs. He did not like that, after all, there was nothing to pity from his point of view, for him life was just so, without a hand, and he had accepted that.

With a positive attitude to success

Thanks to the positive attitude of his parents, he never wrangled with his destiny, he says. On the contrary, he learned to accept things the way they simply were.

He has also learned that there is always a way to achieve the things you want to achieve. It takes a creative point of view, because someone with a handicap might have to tackle something in a completely different, yet unknown way. Then it took assertiveness and perseverance, qualities that everyone can learn.

Motivation, health, life Science

That’s why in his lectures he likes to talk about motivation & success strategies, health and life sciences as well as IT & Digital. As he is convinced that there is a lot that will become possible in the future for medical technology. He knows how much his high-tech hand helps him in everyday life. Even shaking hands with his right hand is no longer an issue. So many people with the same handicap should lose this fear to be able to lead an easier life.

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Michel Fornasier

Founder Charity "Give Children a Hand", Comic book author & Bionicman