Miha Pogačnik: Speaker, Violinist, Visionary

23. April 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Miha Pogačnik is one of a kind. It doesn’t happen frequently that a fullblood professional musician actually steps into the economic world to tell those guys how to do it. But Miha Pogačnik is different and his approach is certainly unique. „My musical method is the method of the modern economy – interruptive and productive”. This is what Miha Pogačnik claims to be able to achieve with CEOs and entrepreneurs who book the top-speaker to get the most out of their businesses.

Miha Pogačnik – leadership in this turbulent times

„For management achieving “excellence” is a goal. But for us, performing artists, it is the starting point! For us only “striving for genius” matters, for uniqueness, once-and-never-again, for compelling, vibrant vision of the Big Picture! And these are also the parameters of genuine leadership in this turbulent times of change, uncertainty and systemic multiple crisis.”

Miha Pogačnik dares to close the gap between the mostly undiscovered  potential of art as a huge force for productivity, creativity and organizational renewal. Being from Slovenia, he is Slowenian Cultural Ambassador, entrepreneur and adjunct professor of Art and Leadership at IEDC – Bled School of Management based in his home country.

Music touches hearts, music fills something inside

He believes that great art has the potential to mobilize the total human nature which he believes to be very important. Apart from his great talent in music and playing the violone, he belongs to the top-speakers of our times. What he has to share hits with unexpected power: „In in my experience entrepreneurs and artist are growing from the same sources. It is the same source only then branch it into another sphere, but at the end they meet because at the end any future business will have to be holistic in a sense of being able to relate to everything else – and that’s already happening  The source is called the meaning of life.“ So obviously, Miha has something bigger in mind than just increasing business. Music touches hearts, music fills something inside and is, apart from the techniques that musiciancs need, a very emotional matter.

Asked about how to create an inspirational environment Miha Pogačnik answers clearly: “You can never force inspiration. You can only prepare yourself for inspiration and create an environment where inspiration is possible.“  If you want to understand and learn more about Miha Pogačnik great work, bring him in for your next event, send an email to miha.pogacnik@premium-speakers.com . He is truly an inspiration.

Miha Pogacnik

Visionary Violinist, Entrepreneur, Innovator & Motivator