Ömer Atiker: Managing digitization processes

04. May 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

Ömer Atiker: Managing digitization processes.

How can digitalization succeed in your own business? Ömer Atiker, expert for digital transformation and innovation, shows how digital change works!

Promoting digitization and innovation in the company as well as guiding change and creating digital opportunities. Digitalization does not have to be complex and incomprehensible! And almost all companies are undergoing digital transformation. Success only comes to those who reconcile technology, business and people. This requires sustainable strategies, orientation and leadership for your own employees.

Start the change and use the opportunities of the digital transformation is the motto. Ömer Atiker provides insights into the theory and shows methods that make your path into the digital world easier.

Ömer Atiker: Digital transformation is a human development process.

Digital is always human, too! Despite the developments of a digital world with bits and bytes, it is always important to keep the human being in focus. Without this awareness, digitalization cannot succeed! Top speaker Ömer Atiker: Further focal points of his keynotes are…

– Digitalization & Social Media.
– Innovation.
– New Work and the workplace of tomorrow.
– Trends and the future.
– Change Management.

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Lecture series by top speaker Ömer Atiker. As an expert in digital transformation and innovation, Ömer Atiker knows the challenges of a digital world. In his lecture series, he addresses trends of the future, current developments and how digital transformation really succeeds:

– Basic Lecture: The Basics of Digitalization.
– A look behind the scenes: Digital transformation in German companies.
– News from the world of digitization: Where are new technologies and trends of the future taking us?
– Digital in your company: How digital is your company?
– “From the online sewing box!”: Digital innovations of tomorrow.

Digital transformation is not a development process that happens passively “on the side”. It requires active decisions and the courage to dare something new! With the knowledge of the necessity of digitalization and how to master the transformation in the company, the change can succeed. All lecture series and keynotes by Ömer Atiker are available in virtual, hybrid or analog (=classical) event formats. The keynote is always tailor-made: suitable for your event, company or goal!

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Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation